t-shirts & headbands!

Who doesn’t love a stylish headband and a comfy t-shirt? These soft fabrics and adorable prints will jazz up any toddler or mama!  Wait–it gets better…today, I’m featuring two amazing small businesses run by WOMEN. Oh. Yeah. Sisters are doin’ it for themselves.  These ladies both had a vision, and put their creativity into apparel! Wondering who they are? LET ME TELL YOU!!!

we’re talking this combo of cuteness!

First off, we have LittleBeansCo., an adorable mama and baby/toddler shop!  Stephanie Jonas created her clothing line through inspiration from her two boys.  Describing her little guys as free spirited, wild, hippie babes–her line of t’s and onesies expresses just that!  She uses only the best quality shirts, with a kid-friendly message printed on their front.  Check out Penelope’s PERFECTLY worded t-shirt from LittleBeansCo!

photo 2-11
WILD CHILD FOREVER. Yupppppp…she’s pretty much nailed that phrase!
photo 1-11
surfing on “my” rock…wearing nothing but the best! LittleBeansCo and Vaydagirl!

I love me a good story of a successful woman…good thing I have three women for you in this post!  Sooo many reasons to buy–first and foremost–the cuteness… HOWEVER, coming in at a close second, you’re supporting a small business run by a Mama. Sa-weet!

know any hippie mamas who are having/have a girl? They’ll need this!

www.littlebeansclothing.com is where you order! Their sizes range from 3-months through 8-years, and adult sizes for the mamas, making them a great gift!  All you need to do is pick the saying/phrase that best suits the recipient!! (She’s got everything from “high fives & fist bumps” to “pretty FLY for a little guy”…who could resist?!) LittleBeans are also on Instagram (@littlebeans_co) and Etsy (LittleBeansCO).  Don’t worry Dads–shirts for you are in the works too!  Head over to her instagram for the latest styles and shirt designs, as well as occasional giveaways.  She’s always updating her social media to show off what’s new at LittleBeansCo. The shirt below was inspired by her son’s conversation on the playground! Too stinken cute…and he’s right on target with that one.

it is SO TRUE. Only the coolest kids fight their naps…right?!

Now let’s talk headbands!! VaydaGirl headbands was established by two local ladies I grew up with–Audrey Johnson (Lamendola) and Jessica Cooper, who took hair accessories to a whole new level. They wanted to create a headband that was comfortable, fashionable, and could be worn all day without discomfort–especially for yoga! They began using their personal sewing machines to start off, came up with the six unique styles…and voila! Vaydagirl came to be!

photo 3-11
we bought the “hypnotic” print in “knotted girl” (above) and the “foxy” print in the “bow girl”(below) which is great if you need an adjustable headband!

They started wearing their VaydaGirl Headbands (named for co-owner Audrey’s daughter) and people started asking where to buy them! They quickly developed their website www.vaydagirl.com and within two short months, had to move their production site to Fall River, MA due to high demand of the headbands! Pretty cool. On www.vaydagirl.com, you can personally customize any style headband with any print you see available.  The best thing about Vaydagirl headbands is that their prints are always changing. If you see one you love–grab it now because once a particular print is gone…it’s gone!

photo 2-12
this is the adjustable bow in “foxy”…fits perfectly on both of our noggins–so we can share!

They are sold locally at: 

    • Pure Barre, studio offering apparel (1000 Division Road. East Greenwich, RI & Chapel View Blvd. Cranston, RI)
    • Rhode Island Yoga Center, yoga studio offering apparel (99 Fortin Road. Kingston, RI)
    • Tropical Gangsters, clothing and accessories boutique (375 Thames St. Newport, RI)
    • David-Max, home goods and artist boutique (187 Main St. East Greenwich, RI)
    • North End Yoga, yoga studio offering apparel  (256 Hanover St, Boston, MA)
    • Savas Studios, clothing and accessories boutique (456 Hanover St. Boston, MA)
    • Salon Xhair salon (3087 Post Rd. Warwick, RI)
    • Glistening Goddess, spray tan and consignment shop (65 Weybosset St. Providence, RI & 622 Killingly St. Johnston, RI)
    • Ocean State Cross Fit, cross fit studio offering apparel (41 Webb St, Cranston, RI)
    • Tyler English Fitness, fitness center offering apparel (5A Cheryl Drive, Canton, CT)
    • Nancy Ogift and events (23 Catoonah Street Ridgefield, CT 06877
    • AND MORE! (art festivals and farmer’s markets by season–check the site!)
If there’s a man in your life who wants to rock the bands, they even have MAN headbands to buy! 
photo 3-12
here’s a man wearing one!

Fun Fact: Vaydagirl uses organic cotton label tags on all of their headbands and their packaging is made from 60% recycled materials, making shipping the ‘vaydas’ more earth friendly!

posted up in style.

In the picture above, Penel is wearing the “Hypnotic” print in “knotted girl” which is actually MINE, but they fit all noggins.  She always asked to “borrow” my headbands, but usually doesn’t return them. Can you blame her?

photo 4-8
she’s glaring at daddy on the tractor because she can’t stand the sound of that thing.

we’re so happy we ordered–you should too!