Quick, cheap fall banner?  You can! Grab some orange/maroon/brown/burlap/fall theme/anything “September-Octobery” looking scrapbook paper from a craft store (Michaels). Cut into whatever size triangles you feel like, hole punch, string along, and GO. I like a hemp or “hay” type of rope for my banners. It’s even fun to incorporate black and white into the banner for the Halloween vibe. As some of you know, I’m a decorating nut– so I’ll be switching this banner for a Halloween themed one in the next week or so.

patriots hat and minion SLIGHTLY killing the vibe, but you get it.

TIP: shop clearance or sale single papers and this banner shouldn’t cost you more than $3.{I’m guessing you own a hole punch and string?!}  best part is, you’ll probably have enough paper to make another for your kitchen window or bathroom mirror! 

see? CUTE! OH YEAH, some of these papers are double sided so you get more pattern options!!

TIP: save it! fold it accordion style and sandwich it in your favorite Halloween book to keep it flat when you put it away for the season. 

super simple, super cute. also stole Penelope’s Beanie Boo Owl for some added décor.

Next up, don’t forget to check out what I’ll do with Ball brand mason jars, and a fun KID FRIENDLY craft I’ll be doing with  my TONS of brown paper bags from trader joes.

 Fun Halloween “stuff” coming up soon!

Have I showed you the new bathroom???

absolute black granite RULES.
photo 1-4
i am already.
photo 2-5
i love how you look wood, but your porcelain.
photo 1-37
Nicole Miller mirror lookin’ FLY
photo 1-38
tied in the black from the granite across into the shower curtain. curved rod gives you the feel of more elbow room in the shower!

photo 2-42
the tile work is amazing. yes, my dad has 69 year old eyes. yes, he did this with his own two hands.
photo 4-26
going to put “bathtime pics” in these frames of the two kids. Please notice the red tags! Bargain!
photo 5-22
little drops of gold here and there. HOMEGOODS steal–$12.99!





Things are looking up!

photo 1-5 photo 2-6 photo 3-6

photo 4-4 photo 5-2

photo 1-7 photo 2-7 photo 4-5

photo 3-7 photo 3-7  photo 5-3 photo 1-9 photo 2-9 photo 3-9 photo 4-7




Out with the MOLD, in with the NEW!

I wish I was joking but, the black spots reared their ugly head, and we are NOT about to give 2 kiddies a bath in a yucky bathtub, anymore!  We finally found an excuse to DEMO our bathroom, and figured If the tub/shower/bath tiles need an overhaul–then why not make the entire bathroom sparkly and new, too!  Take a peek at our existing fashion-forward bathroom (barf!) and you will quickly understand how NOT UPSET I am to have to ditch it!

photo 1-2
Bathroom Theme: “St. Ives Apricot Scrub”
photo 2-3
clearly we are bringin’ sexy back with our 1970’s vanity.



photo 3-2
we would no longer like to pick up your falling grout off the tub floor–yucky tubby go bye-bye!
Sooooo excited that we’re taking a trip to HOME DEPOT tonight to pick out new bathroom “stuff”–because we are GUTTING THE JOINT Wednesday morning.  By we, I mean my husband and my dad.  I’ll design it, they can excecute it! Penelope and I will be vacating the place while they rip it all up and get it ready for a HUGE facelift.  I’m talking new tile (floor and tub), vanity, window, ventilation fan, tub, floors, walls, mirror, lighting–down to the studs… pretty much!Currently obsessed with the white marble that has the gray streaks running through it, and the rectangular tiles that mimic wood, but are actually porcelain. SO COOL. Check out some of our top picks for bathroom design.  We found them online at, and will commit to the products once we see them in person, tonight!  We both agreed we should keep things neutral with grays and whites, with slight hints of color. I left the product info on the pictures below, just in case you want to know the info on each piece!

photo 4
how cool is this flooring? NOT WOOD–porcelain! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE
photo 3
You know I love me some herringbone. Dear Dad: Can you make this happen?
photo 5
love this. I could even picture it with a dark charcoal top instead of the white marble. (For the record it came from!)

photo 1
Pinterest! Having a gray and white new bathroom with metal accents and hints of a muted aqua sounds DREAMY. Found this on Pinterest and they have the right idea!

I’m going to have my hubby take some pictures of the demolition, so I can update everyone as we progress!!  Keep checking! GOAL: Not to give birth until bathroom is complete. (4 weeks and 6 days is doable right?–the guys have a goal of 5 days total…we shall see…in addition to my dad and hubby, we have a couple of our buddies helping out, too!)

Start designing your dream bathroom, TODAY!

Check out Lowe’s too!

look for “pretties” at to jazz up your new space.







Brother has an Accent Wall!

I was fiddling around on Pinterest and came across a timeless pattern that I LOVE.  I switched it up a little and did a “herringbone” design that is asymmetrical.  More of an artsy feel, and you can totally just eyeball the lines! It’s a DIY that is E-A-S-Y! and looks like a million bucks–might I add… paint, paint trays, roller & green frog tape only came to about $40 (as long as you already have a small level, a pencil, and a measuring tape)… THIS IS A PROJECT UNDER $50!

We decided we didn’t want a “theme” per-say, but rather a color scheme.  Navy and cream, with pops of red and mustard-yellow.  We are transforming Penelope’s baby room into a BOY room for the new guy.  She is getting upgraded to a bigger bedroom with ‘cool kid’ style, because, after all–she’s pretty freakin’ cool.  Let’s get started on that Navy/Cream accent wall. Shall we?

photo 3-14
for starters, you need a roll of green frog tape (we chose the 1.41 inch thickness), a pencil, a measuring tape, a small level, and a chair to reach towards the ceiling!
Don’t panic, you only need the level for the vertical lines from floor to ceiling.  I wouldn’t torture you THAT MUCH.  We chose to space our lines 22 inches apart from each other (which is where the pencil and measuring tape come into play), giving us 5 vertical lines total.  You can space yours out however you wish, it will alter your design and make it an original.  Once you have your verticals up, go ahead and start that “herringbone” pattern you always dreamed of.

photo 1-17

As you can see above, the lines are not evenly spaced, but AGAIN–we are going for an asymmetrical pattern, here.  If you are “OCD” about your lines being exact measurements apart, by all means, USE THAT LEVEL and measuring tape!   Total taping time shouldn’t exceed 1.5 hours! It’s quick once you ditch the level! Remember to press down SUPER TIGHT and seal each piece of tape as you go.  No leaks will happen if you make sure your frog tape is secure. Ribbit! (a friend told me that green frog tape is exceptionally better than scotch 3m ‘blue’ tape.  As far as precision lines go–she was CORRECT–It’s also very easy to peel off!)

photo 3-15
we chose to use OLYMPIC One paint–in “Elegant Evening” simply because, as new parents of almost two children–we will be getting a lot of those. NOTTT!
For PART II, you’ll need your paint, a paint tray, a nice clean roller, and “your good hand”.  Grab an old sheet to cover your floor so you don’t paint that blue, too!

photo 1-18
What are you waiting for? GET ROLLIN’!
I used one coat of the blue, and rolled right over the tape!  I found that if you rolled over the same spot too many times, you could jeopardize those clean lines by causing the tape to bubble or lift. The existing wall was an antique white (cream) color, so my pattern would be a cream and navy herringbone pattern.  You can chose any color you’d like. The darker the “over” color, the more the design will pop!

photo 2-21
Cover it all up. Like a nun.
I also taped off my baseboards, and the ceilings so I could get clean floor-to-ceiling lines.  It only needs a few hours to dry, and once the wall looks matte (no more shine from wet paint), you can start peeling.  I did a lower line first, as a tester…

photo 2-20
left picture: started the peeling process right picture: keep it peelin’
I peeled all of the smaller diagonal lines first, since the vertical lines were underneath the tape of the diagonal lines.  I wanted to avoid any possible chance I had at destroying the masterpiece.

photo 5-5
starting to love!
You are almost at your big reveal, just a few more peels and you will reveal your fabulous accent wall!

photo 1-19
the moment you’ve all been waiting for…
TA-DAAAAAA!!  You know I had to torture you with step-by-step directions to see the final product…right?!  It’s so worth the time (which from start to finish is only about 2.5-3 hours! If you don’t include drying time) How sweet will this look as the accent wall in Little Brother’s room?  The crib is going to go against this wall.  Guys, if a 33 week preggo-broad can do this amazing DIY accent wall in 3 hours–SO CAN YOU! GO FOR IT!

photo 2-22
left the bottom few feet without any lines. Adds character. I’m lovin’ it.
…now I have to think of a good pattern for Penel’s new room–we don’t want her to be jealous that she was kicked out of her bedroom so her brother could take it over!  She is getting light aqua walls in her new room, so GOLD will be the pop of color inspiration!






…For just $4 you can make a Valentine’s banner AND your toddler friend can make Valentine’s for Daddy (or for everyone on your street, depending on how long you need them to be “occupied” for.)  They will love the simple act of pressing stickers onto the doilies and helping you pick who to give them to!

Where? DOLLAR TREE! If you know me, you know–that is my JOINT.

What? DOILIES! Not just for the old italian woman who makes the wandi’s in town.

photo 2-11

They come 20-30 doilies per pack–and they are–YUP! $1.00

photo 1-10

We had the string, but also grabbed some foam heart stickers at Dollar Tree to jazz the doilies up a bit!

To keep the little munchkin occupied while I strung the doilies to make the banner, I opened the stickers and gave her free reign.

photo 3-8
not too shabby for a toddler who stays still for 2 seconds at a time.
I layered the hearts and secured them with small pieces of tape, while she stuck the stickers everywhere–including my husband’s head…the dining room table legs…and her shirt.

photo 5-4

SO EASY! I layered the doilies mixing and matching the colors, and strung them through the string. (You don’t need to punch holes–the doilies are loaded with them.  Choose two holes that seem pretty evenly matched and wide enough apart so the doilies don’t curl up once they are strung.  Alternate the colors for a more whimsical look. No need to make yourself crazy doing a pattern.

photo 4-7

How stinken cute!?  Your toddler will say “so pwetty” and attempt to rip them down once she is done making her sticker Valentines.

**Check Dollar Tree for each season because they have similar items for St. Patty’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Etc.  Even if you aren’t the most festive of sorts–you can have a simple homemade decoration that’s cheap enough to dispose of after the season.  Of course you could laminate the doilies, and punch holes for the string if you want to save them for next season…now there’s an idea!


…check out “Bargain Boss” for some cute/cheap GAP buys!




Coming Soon…

Are your art supplies all disheveled?  I’ll help you do some ORGANIZING with Mason Jars!

What “A Sweet 16” it will be–ONCE WE GET CRAFTING!  (DIY party decor that’s “cool” enough for a TEEN.

Jazz UP your dresser! (I’m transforming my old childhood bureau into a changing table for ‘the new kid’).

Penelope’s Room Transformation! (I’ll show you the steps we are taking to turn a spare room/clothes everywhere/catch all/junk fest  into a room only a toddler could love.

Stick around…I’ve got the hot glue and screw driver on stand by…

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