Yours Truly…

Hey guys! So glad you popped in.  Official mother of two, here–and more COOKOO than a clock. Times are tough, but times are fun…welcome to my blog…please enjoy some stay at home drama.

I’m Alex, by the way, and as a native Rhode Islander–am currently addicted to coffee milk, and Del’s Lemonade during my pregnancies–and always.  Truth be told, child-rearing is NUTS.  The amount of crumbs in my couch at the moment is absurd, and there are 3 different sets of blocks on the playroom floor, but I have other priorities, like hot glue-ing craft projects or singing the ABC’s.  I literally lose patience once an hour–okay, once every 10 minutes, but it’s all worth it at the end of the night when my toddler only wants “Mommy” to “hold me”.  My shopping addiction, loud Italian family, love for food–and of course, my hubby, are all different stories for different days.  Hoping to make you laugh with  my sarcastic approach to motherhood, and letting the world know, that it’s okay to be disheveled and distracted. It’s part of parenthood!

I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to drop me a note at

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This is my main squeeze, Penelope Violet. WE GO EVERYWHERE TOGETHER. Literally, even the bathroom. Stay tuned as we experience the goofy joys of Motherhood/Shopping/Cooking/Crafting and Complaining together!

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