I’m back, babies! (and eating all the food)

STAY AT HOME DRAMA IS BACCCKKK!! I’ve been busy guys, not just with two crazy toddlers who are turning 4 and 6 in April (IDK how!) BUT, I started my own business (The Creative Gene @thecreativegeneRI). Doing DIY décor, florals and events, I’ve put this blog on the back burner! SHAME SHAME. However, with all that being said, there’s so much in store for all of you! Including–but not limited to, DIY tutorial videos, recipes, crafts, blogging, vlogging and family adventures! Get ready because 2019 has A LOT of material. Sooooo, as toddler parents we take ANY AND ALL chances to escape the crazies–I mean “get mommy and daddy time”. Our go-to-spot is almost ALWAYS Bayberry Beer Hall, for obvious reasons (DEEEELISH food, atmosphere MADE for good conversation, and local ciders, etc). The owners are SO welcoming and wonderful and it truly is the spot that we bring our friends when we venture out with our peeps. Everything is local and fresh, EVEN what’s on tap, and “when it’s gone, it’s gone!” Even our kids love it–but most times we don’t invite them. HA! Funny, the last blog post I made (in March 2018–how neglectful am I!?) was about Bayberry!

Here I am being a basic with a fabulous berry cider they had one night!

Lately, we’ve tried some new spots, recommended by friends and figured we’d branch out out a little. Last weekend we tried Tavern In The Square (“TITS” …haha!) and it was GREAT. Apparently they’ve got several locations in Boston, but this is their first in RI and it just so happens to be in Craaaaaanston! To start, I grabbed a “Ruby Seltzer” from the BAHHH. (Grapefruit Deep Eddy, rosé, club soda & a grapefruit wedge!) It was refreshing and divine and so, yeah–I’ll be replicating those suckers by the pool all summer long!!

why would you ever want to leave us?? we’re so calm and quiet!

We shared the triple layer dip once we got the table and loved that too. Simple but full of flavor! Guac//Some insanely amazing homemade salty-cottage cheese-queso-layer//their homemade black bean salsa on the bottom, and Tortilla & plantain chips for dunking. making it a perfect snack before the main course!

When I saw General Tso’s chicken on the menu, I HAD TO. It came with coconut jasmine rice and their bang bang broccoli–essentially battered & fried broccoli with this awesome sauce and a kick of heat…as your side to the GSC. Glad I decided to order that, and ended up with leftovers for the next days’ lunch. Golden.

He’s such a burger bro.

It doesn’t matter how horrendously full I am, I. Always. Order. Dessert. My husband usually complains about me wanting SAID dessert, and then steals 5 bites when it comes. Hmmm. Here’s what we got. THE PROFITEROLE SUNDAE. So, yup–ice cream in a cream puff shell, rolled in toffee and chocolate bits, topped with whipped cream and hot fudge. YAS QUEEN. Ordered another Ruby seltzer and called it a night. Funny thing was, that night we were all GUNG HO about being out partying all night and then ate way too much, forgot the house keys, and went and sat in our driveway to wait for my parents to meet up with us (kids in tow) and open the door. A couple of winners, we are!

Last night, we tried XACO TACO for my brother in laws birthday and it was GREAT! Started off here with the Charred Orange Mule…I know, I know, I’m at a Mexican joint I should drink tequila–blah blah BUT I’m a Tito’s girl, can’t help it. Orange Deep Eddy, ginger beer, charred orange. Good stuff. The plates at XACO are small, which I LOVE because you can order 77 things and try it all in one shot. OR, you can get as many or as few tacos as you want and add rice & beans to make up a platter! We loved their food and the freshness of the flavor!! Did I mention I tried GRASSHOPPERS? Yes, they sound gross and yesssss they got stuck in your teeth, but they honestly tasted like sunflower seeds (shell on) seasoned with paprika and salt. I ate two. ‘Cause I’m a champion.

My husband will never make out with me again. He said it.

In between eating bugs, never making out, and guacamole, we joked about mom problems and drinking 4-89 times a week as our “norm” and “it’s fine”. For apps we ordered an awesome Mexican pizza loaded with beans/feta/chorizo, a really great shrimp and octopus cold salad with avocado, their Guac, and empanadas! Again, smaller portions–except for the pizza–so we tried a bunch!! I loved them so much I forgot to take pics!

The above plate was my entrée. Carne Asada taco and a shrimp taco with fried queso. Spicy, and GREAT. Beans and rice cooked perfectly and fresh! Good stuff. Fun spot for a group. It’s Kid friendly there (if you dare) and casual!

Dulce de leche cake with banana. YUP.

Funny how everyone made fun of me when I ordered the “chocolate pudding” and then whipped out their spoons when it came to the table. Huh. Rude! This was an avocado chocolate based pudding dessert with almonds, crunched pepito corn, and delicious cherries in between. I loved it! We also ate churro doughnuts which aren’t pictured because everyone scarfed them down the second they hit the table top. They came with a hot chocolate sauce for dipping. Ahhhh.

New marriage goal is to DATE NIGHT 2 times a month! We’re not picky. We’ll do it alone, with couples/a herd of friends, even other people’s kids (hahaha kidding). Also, we aren’t against putting those beasts to bed and making a dinner/drinking wine in peace at home. Have you noticed when you have toddlers you can’t even finish a sentence without someone screaming? It’s nice to get out…KIDLESS!

Stay tuned for all the great meals we’ve been making at home. Between the cast iron, the instant pot and our newest member…the “sous vide” we’re getting pretty SEXY in the kitchen.

Love yaaaaa,


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