Drinks y’all! 

Hey friends. Heading somewhere for Thanksgiving and were told to bring booze? Here are 3 easy recipes for impressing your friends/guests this holiday season!!  

“Tito’s apple cider” –named that one myself. 👏🏼 During the holidays in my family, we lean toward the wine and the Tito’s! Forget the food…I mean, really. If you haven’t tried it yet, grab a bottle for your next event. It’s handmade in the USA, and very smooth! 

Here’s where your ingredients come in. FILL a small mason jar to the top with ice. Pour Tito’s about a quarter of the way up the jar–STOP. I said stop… why are you still pouring? 😜 Next, add the honey crisp cider, {I also did that another quarter of the way up the glass.} Top with club soda, a dash of cinnamon, a few thinly sliced apples and a drizzle of caramel syrup–in that order–because WHY NOT?  Give it a swirl to blend the cinnamon and CHEERS! Want it a little more tart? Squeeze a wedge of lemon in there! Tastes like apple pie! You love me, I KNOW! 

the apple slice cracked. Rude!

Ready for ROUND 2?   Caramel Apple Sangria! 

What you need: LOOK UP.🤓(plus apple cider–not pictured)  Chop up all that gorgeous fruit and toss it into a large sangria pitcher/dispenser. (I’m making this Thursday and I’ll be using red and green apples, clementines for juice, and limes) Throw in about 6-8 cinnamon sticks. Add the liquor first. Don’t know why? Me either, but I like to! Triple sec goes on top of cinnamon sticks and fruit, about half the bottle. {375 ml bottle}. Next, about a third of the bottle of Kissed Caramel Vodka {SMIRNOFF-750 ml bottle}. Give it a swirl. Dump the entire bottle of Carlo Rossi Merlot in your dispenser {it’s a 4L jug so you better have a big dispenser!} top with half of a jug of apple cider, and a small bottle of seltzer or club soda. Squeeze the juice of 2 limes and 3-5 clementines in there too. Mix, smile, enjoy–and go eat pie. Serve over ice in a wine glass with a couple pieces of the fruit and an apple slice! 

3. White Cider Sangria! Same recipe as the red, but I would use a Pinot Grigio so it’s not too sweet–or Carlo Rossi Rhine if you’re making a ton for a crowd (like the recipe above).  If you prefer, you can eliminate the caramel vodka with the white sangria! 

4. Pumpkin Martinis! {ok, originally I said three recipes– but my mom is bringing over ingredients for pumpkin martinis to have with dessert this year!…I don’t even know her recipe so you’ll have to stay tuned for a picture and a review of it 😉! 

My friends…this thanksgiving make sure you drink responsibly. By that, I mean …I’ll be putting my kids to bed early so I don’t have to try and balance a martini glass while wiping a nose/butt.  #yup  

This is the Tito’s cider!

**all of these ideas and entries are my own, as well as their content and opinion.** 
you can steal my recipes though! Happy Thanksgiving! 🍷🦃

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