turkey is en route. 

Poor turkey! 🦃 He doesn’t know what’s comin’ to him. I have to say, THANKSGIVING is one of my all-time-fave holidays …simply because of the GRUB. No one cooks that dinner like my mama, no one. Ok–maybe your mama does too–but really, have you met my mama?  Seriously, my mouth is watering thinking of the homemade stuffing {I remember being pissed one year when there wasn’t an entire pan of it left over for me to keep!}–Never boxed, because the same rules apply to the stuffing, as to the tomatoe sauce in this family. If it’s coming out of a jar, or a box ready made–IT AIN’T HAPPENIN’ peeps! 

I want to talk about what we are thankful for! I’ll try to NOT be such an @$$ and be serious–just for a bit, to talk about this holiday. There aren’t gifts. Just people who come over with wine and side dishes/desserts which are like gifts to me! We never pass up wine over here in this house. I came up with a few “apple cider” inspired cocktails that will surely be a hit this Thanksgiving. {…and I digress, recipes on the next post!}

crowd pleaser.
 I feel like people don’t give Thanksgiving the recognition it deserves! (Dont get me wrong, I love when the décor goes on sale early at homegoods, but I feel bad Thanksgiving is shoved to the side. ) To each his own, as they say–but this mama is NOT putting a thing of red or green up until Black Friday! I host Thanksgiving and want that orange/brown/gold/gourd “look” going until the turkey is over. 
GATHER banner $3 at Targé… how perfect is the chair and pillow with it, too?
I feel SO thankful for many things this year. The obvious reasons like my kids, husband, family, friends, good health, good food, and wine–BUT also for our home! We were lucky enough to purchase a home that’s been in our family {my dad’s side} for something like 80-ish years?! Maybe more! To keep the home that my cousins and I grew up coming to for EASTER egg hunts, Christmas Eve nights, and our first “swim” experiences just means so much. I could never imagine NOT being able to visit here again or had it been sold to a stranger, just completely lose touch with it. Even cooler, I was cleaning out a kitchen cupboard the other day and found 2 gorgeous turkey platters for next week, just in time to host! My “great aunt” lived here with her brother and mom–she was really my dad’s cousin but as Italians do, we called her “auntie” because she was much older than our cousins and it stuck! I’m lucky and thankful to be able to enjoy these “little things” this holiday. She’ll be watching from above, I’m sure! She enjoyed entertaining on Christmas Eve and Easter, too– and left behind her recipe book, so I’ll have to do some of those traditions justice this year! 
one’s Italian, one’s English- both are delicious!
Turkey! Wait, imagine if you were a vegetarian on Thanksgiving? I bet there are a few in this world. 😉 Carb city awates you! I must confess, the turkey is my least favorite of all the delicious choices that day. Unless you’re talking like 11 pm when we make a thanksgiving sandwich! The homemade stuffing has to be my all time favorite, followed by mama’s green bean casserole and sweet potatoes. Literally you could mix every option in a bowl and I’d slurp it up no problem. What’s your favorite dish that day? The flavors, the butter, the smell, the heat from my oven that I savor since my hubby isn’t allowing “heat” just yet. 😂 
As seen here.

My kids are so fortunate to be able to grow up with this huge backyard and now, a pool! The running-jumping-playing opportunities are endless for them, their cousins, and friends! So so thankful for that. There’s so much LIFE in this house now, my aunt would be thrilled. 
not our back yard! A gorgeous PIECE of the grounds at the YMCA.

…On the next post I’ll share 3 apple inspired holiday drinks, my favorite wines with turkey dinner, and more! What are you thankful for this year? And don’t say BOOZE–that’s the easy answer! 

Table décor from Target! 50% off decorative wooden leaves in rose and yellow gold! $1.50

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