$2 statement! 

So, I love Halloween. I own about 4 boxes of décor-each year adding a few items, and was thinking how I don’t have anything festive for my porch. Digging through the bins I spotted two orange pumpkin plastic trick-or-treat buckets  and an idea popped into the ‘ole noggin. My porch pendant lights could be GLOWING PUMPKINS! …and so cheap! Check it out- easiest DIY session I’ve had in a while!🎃

we figured we would leave our REAL cobwebs up above the door for the “holiday season”

Want to make a $2 statement on your house for Halloween? Here’s how. 

turn this baby around and you’re ready to start.

Simple stuff, here guys. Grab 2-$1 pumpkin trick-or-treat buckets from target/wal-mart/rite-aid/ANYWHERE, a pair of tough kitchen scissors, and get to work! {I got lucky and saved two from last year} Cut the entire back out of the bucket–including half of the bottom circle base.
It doesn’t have to look pretty when you cut it, just has to be able to cover your outdoor pendant light and stay on! Go outside and pop it right onto your outdoor light! {we use LED bulbs so they don’t get warm} You may have to keep cutting bit by bit and “custom” fitting it until it’s snug over your lights. Our porch is covered and protected from New England weather, but if yours isn’t then grab either floral wire or fishing line to secure them around the light. 

remeber those $1 mums i scored from Lowe’s? THEY’RE BLOOMING!

In the daytime, it’s still cute! At night, it’s AWESOME! 

Too bad we live on a main road with no trick or treaters–guess we’ll just be stopping traffic instead, sigh. 

{TECHNICALLY we have two entrances to our house from the front so I’ll need to grab 2 more pumpkin buckets for the other door, making my investment $4! …if I didn’t save those two buckets from last year–so really TWO BUCKS!  Whoopie.} 

This trick could totally work in your bathroom over pendant lighting, on a lamp post outside, garage ligthing against the house–you name it! 


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