hoarding! it’s my thing. 

Why have one pair of so-and-so’s when you can have 7?! I’m thinking this has been my motto since I could speak. I have WAY TOO MUCH SH*T. Combined–after being together for almost ten years, and living in three places –you tend to ACCUMULATE. Good lord, did we ever. I’m going to expose it all in a second when I show you the HORRORS of cleaning out my garage. I mean, I found old bras in the same bin as holiday platters and craft stuff. Like–WHAT? Not only confused, but I was pissed ’cause my boobs shrunk post-Ollie, and there’s no way these things would fit now! I think when we sold the Tiverton house we literally threw all our garrrrbagé into any container we had, and brought it along to Warwick. WHY?! Ugh. No one knows (knew). I have to say, in just a short while, I feel like we ‘made a dent’.

if you want to vomit while looking at this photo, its okay. THERE ARE PLENTY OF BUCKETS from home depot lying around, so just aim into one of them.
you could literally lose a kid in here… hmmmm….
the only item i really cared about here was the box of skyy vodka. after realizing it was filled with old drink glasses, and not delicious mommy juice– i cared no longer!

Scared? I would be! Still am, as a matter of fact. Can’t believe I just showed everyone this collection of hidden gems. Legit, hidden. Nothing is labeled and you don’t know ‘where to begin’ when trying to locate, let’s say–a frying pan. I told my husband, if it’s been in here for almost 9 months, then we probably don’t need it right? PAH. My problem is, I forgot about that special pier 1 platter, or box of decorations that we stuck in there and now I want to bust it out again! I must admit, we took two trips to savers today and it felt great. Like, so good. I also threw out 4 contractor bags full of junk/garbage/broken “stuff”.  It helps tremendously that our neighbors are allowing us to use their dumpster! 

you can see the floor! {tears of joy} insane progress was made in 2 hours of working on this beast.
he was so excited about finding a bike helmet, and. is. that. a. butter. knife. to. the. left. of. him? {i caaaaan’t}

when you have all of your STUFF and you purchase a family home as an estate sale, you tend to end up with DOUBLE the stuff. OH YEAH, our house in Tiverton sold in 17 days, so there was very little room (no pun intended) to de-clutter before leaving that house, and dumping all of our goodies here. We figured if we took what we needed out of the garage as we went along, little by little we’d get it all situated. Coming up on 9 months, here we are–in all our hoarding glory! Once we relocate the BIG ITEMS like the tractor and then sell the couches we don’t need for the new house–maybe some day an actual vehicle can fit in here.  (gasp!) 

and this is why i have to keep this item.

Good news for hoarders: this house has loads of storage. Bad news for hoarders: this house has loads of storage.  
Disclaimer: the garage is the worst of it all! Next comes the basement, which is the catch-all for everything that shouldn’t be stored in a garage. I figured as long as no one opens a closet door, we are good–and they aren’t injured by a “God knows what” falling and hitting them on the head. Honestly- you try cleaning and de-cluttering with a 1 1/2 and a 3 1/2 year old up your butt! However, I must say…now that little Miss P is in pre-school, I can do one area at a time while Ollie takes his 2-3 hour nap! My goal is to have made drastic changes over the next few weeks! Somethings gotta give with all this “STUFF”. It’s me. I get it. I “gotta give” it. away.

of course I scored these for free while leaving Savers, from a gentleman unloading a “junk removal” trailor. THESE AREN’T JUNK!

I’m glad I was able to give away a lot of our baby items that Ollie has grown out of. It’s nice to be able to hand things off to friends and cousins who are having little ones!
current thought on cleaning the rest of the house tonight.
PS–the hubby brought Penelope to Toys “R” Us tonight and came home with like 5 new toys. My life is ending. #surroundedbySTUFF 

One thought on “hoarding! it’s my thing. 

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