I’m the worst! 

I’ve been asked by so many to get my rear-end back on this blog wagon–because CLEARLY I’ve fallen off. Here ya have it broads…and dudes! 

We’ve been having a hell of a summer over here at our little “resort” of sorts. Doing mostly things that revolve around our in-ground pool, and tito’s vodka. So, drinking and swimming! Who wouldn’t love that? Please try and resist judging the fact that I’ve gone from wine (after first kid) to vodka, after the second! Truth is, I drink both. Ha! Only the stay at home moms know the struggle of waiting ’til 4-ish to have a little mommy juice. JK, all moms, women, and creatures of the universe who are around children know that feeling.  Guys, you have to pick the lesser of two evils, and the other evil is illegal so–YOU GET IT! …and coffee allows me to be “patient” until 4:00 rolls around, anyway. {disclaimer: I don’t drink every single day, sometimes I drink at night, instead. 

  I have to tell you, I’ve been bit of a gym rat. Like 5 days a week, type of go-er. I strongly recommend it as a way of venting and finding some adult time! The buddy system works wonders for motivation and partner workouts are actually fun. Plus, you can blast whatever obscene music into your ears while you run your behind off, you know–instead of the theme song to “Daniel Tiger’s  Neighborhood”. Skinny this, skinny that–WHATEVER, it feels good to finally {somewhat} like how I look after having the babies, and if I’m “skinny” it’s because I work out, a lot, and eat really healthy.  except for weekends because ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ healthiness on a Saturday. There is a difference between “too skinny” and “skinny and healthy”. I can’t help my metabolism, and for the record I eat more than my husband at meal time {most times}. I’m certainly not depriving myself of wine & cheese..nor that cone of rocky road, instead just making good decisions for meals during the week and enjoying my weekends like we all should this summer!    My son however is soon going to out-eat us all! That Ollie though– kid can put food down–and literally has a panic attack if you don’t share your food with him, every single solitary time you’re eating. As seen below, he’s in his happy place. AKA the highchair. [in addition to some other random pictures, too!] I’m back in the blog game for real now, so WATCH OUT! 

barely swims/mostly eats
this all fried up together to make a fabulous cauliflower chicken fried rice dish. WE ATE IT FOR DAYYYS.
i’m not telling you what’s in my cup because then you judge me. i refuse to be judged, okay? so don’t ask me. Pffffff. its a delicious concotion of being kid-free and in silence.
the most adorable floating device you’ve ever laid your eyes on. AND by floating device i mean GoesBatShitCrazy in the pool if you let him go and flips the tube over and ends up under water-type of floating device!
and the name “Mrs. Pickles” lives on…
every single thing in my life revolves around delightful snacks.

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