All BLUE everything. 

Guys! Have you heard of Rocky Point Farm? Why am I from Warwick and ignorant to the fact that there’s a farm here? My cousin called one day and asked if I wanted to pick blueberries at RPF and I’m like whaaaaat?–I thought you only picked clam cakes in that area!  Long story short, the kids loved it, we picked for an hour, and it all cost a whopping $2.57 for a fun afternoon. {I’m not counting the iced coffee on the way there, and the chick-fil-a on the way home, though.} 

you could buy them already picked but WHAT FUN IS THAT?
ollie’s like, “wait a minnnnnute…we have to pick ’em?” {he’s only used to picking his nose!…and his sisters belly button}
ollie you go DIS way and i’ll go DAT way.
want to know how to keep track of your little one at a blueberry farm? park him in front of a hearty bush, and it’ll give you about ten minutes of him staying still. when you need to switch rows for picking, relocate him/her to another bush. #heatetenbucksworth #hepoopedbluethatday
trying to lure him over with more berries. here, boy!
all gym sweaty, but it was 90-something that day so it didn’t really matter, did it!? Why does he look so damn cute with a sweaty head? why don’t I?? its the eyes isn’t it? #dreamboat

…sometimes when you go blueberry picking you wear a blue shirt. You also have your mom wear one, wear your blue sneakers, shorts, and have blue eyes. Then you get blueberries on your face and that’s the best part! 

you take a cute profile shot while standing across from a blue tray table and your back is facing the fruit stand, which is coincidentally ALSO blue.
OH–and you sit on a blue bench with your bag of blueberries.
Penelope: “Ollie put them in my bucket” Oliver: {{gulp!}}

As imagined, the request for blueberry pancakes came the very next morning, followed by blueberries on top of waffles, over ice cream, in a smoothie, and in oatmeal, too.  There is definitely SUCH a difference when you pick your own. Most of ours were small and tart tasting, we got a few big and sweet, too–but you can most certainly tell what is purchased and what is picked. 

giving himself the “airplane” bite. with his blue fork… in his blue shirt….
this was mine. as they say in france, NE TOUJÉ PAS. {don’t spellcheck that}
Truthfully, I wanted to get fancy and make a blueberry crème brûlée but I also happen to have two kids, don’t own a blow torch, and could only find 2 ramekins. #FAIL …pancakes it was. We will definitely go back and pick more berries soon. I like doing little activities after the gym in the morning/early afternoon to kind of break up our day, before Prince Charming takes a snooze. What I don’t like, is to mess with that snooze time–since it’s usually a sweet 2+ hours of just having one kiddo and then I’m able to–I don’t know, BATHE MYSELF?  …more like water the plants, straighten out, take a little swim with P, have a little lunch and wait ’til 10 pm to shower. Really let that sweat from the gym and blueberry picking in the heat of summer set in.  Yum! AND…I digress…

2 thoughts on “All BLUE everything. 

  1. Makes me want to go blueberry picking. I didn’t know about Rocky Point either!! And the pics are so freakin adorable!!!


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