“It’s SUNNY! Run outside, before it rains!” -Penelope Violet 
(We finally got outside today for a few hours. Thank the lord. The rain…ooohhhhh it drains… yet makes the grass nice and green! Fresh air=AMAZING for the soul. Enjoy some silly pics from today.)

she isn’t looking… hold meeeee.
smile bruddah.
Ollie’s like “EW. Gross. Bugs” in the Jimmy Fallon “ewwwwa” voice.
{insert wicked witch of the west comment here}
ollie is almost to the top and penel has to pee.
Hiiiiii Neighbor! literally- she waited for our neighbor to roll down the window so she could yell and wave.

Ollie loves nature. Can’t ya tell?
Ollie: “Penel how much fertilizer did you ingest?”

So many more photos to come! The good times just never end in this house. That, along with the laundry, poop diapers, wine flow, and complaints! Love you all, talk soon!! 

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