’tis the season!

All aboard! If you haven’t taken a ride on the Polar Express…then GRAB YOUR JAMMIES and go! Blackstone Valley Railroad puts on the event annually for the holidays and it is totally worth the hype. We had so much fun drinking hot cocoa, singing carols, and meeting Santa this year! What a special experience for Penelope, Oliver, and their cousins Milania and Kiara (special thanks to their grandparents for the fun day!)

Check out the slide show from the fabulous Christmas experience we had!

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Who’s in the mood for the holidays? Meeeeeeee.  So excited for this time of year for many reasons. The most important, obviously being the festive cocktails…but…coming in at a close second would have to be Penelope’s excitement at the site of reindeer, glitter, lights, cookies, and TOY COMMERCIALS.  It’s pretty comical to watch her yell at the kids who are playing with whatever toy they are advertising–as if they have any clue, “Heyyyyy! THAT’S MINE!” ummmm… no child you don’t need the “wubble bubble” or the “Peek-a-boo” that holds your phone. You actually won’t be getting a phone until you’re 38. Try explaining to a toddler that the toy on TV isn’t theirs.  It’s also not the child on TV who is playing with its, either! Hmm, weird.

My family is SUPER into the holidays, meaning we have christmas events/ parties/yankee swaps/”get togethers” every weekend. We just can’t stand how much we all love each other. I mean, really…it’s cute.  Know what else is cute? The amount of money —really Brian’s money– I’ve spent between TJ Maxx, Old Navy, GAP, and Target lately. THANKS HUN! What’s yours is mine…remember?! What’s mine is yours–a.k.a. OUR CHILDREN. Enjoy! I have to say I’m pretty surprised that the ‘lines’ at these stores aren’t longer.  The hustle and bustle must not start ’til the 20th! I’m pretty ahead of my shopping game this year, in fact– I’m done… I think. There’s always someone you realize you’ve forgotten on like, the 23rd of December, though. You. Will. Never. Know. If. You. Are. That. One. Muah-ah-ahhhhh.

…so so so so excited to start this tradition with my kiddies! Considering Ollie doesn’t walk yet (thank god), Penelope will be the pickle finder this year, but next year she’ll have some competition!!

Seeing as how Penelope’s first nickname–ever— was MRS. PICKLES, this is the absolute PERFECT thing for us to start up.  We were so excited to receive this autographed copy of the book, along with its gift set in the mail, and we plan to read it this week in our christmas jammies!

image1 (1)
Be the kiddo to find me on Christmas Day, and you’ll get to open the first gift from Santa!

What a fun gift! Want to buy one for yourself or someone in your family who would love it?  Head over to… http://www.christmaspickletradition.com to get yours, today!

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