where have i been all your life?

photo 2-60
no one really cares that I didn’t fill my brows in because all you’re looking at is HIM anyway. UGH. Not enough kisses on the planet for that face!

Ohhh, ya know–I took a blog hiatus. When in reality, I’ve been busy with summer “stuff”…things like, starting Ollie on solids, talking Penelope off the tantrum ledge–daily, making chicken nuggets and mac n’ cheese out the wazoo…aaand managing to barely stay awake as long as my toddler does.  I haven’t ignored you on purpose–PROMISE…it’s just life takes over and you enjoy your summer instead of staring at a computer screen typing your bologna for all to see, while your child repeatedly hits the “ESC” button. JK! I love this mac, and you love how much I vent about my ‘mom problems’. I’M BACK.  Basically, what I mean is–if I want to go anywhere in life,  I should probably type more…just sayin’. 

photo 1-56
like i said earlier on Instagram and Facebook …the girls got hands from Jesus!

As I sat in the hairdresser’s chair a few nights ago I wondered what the strange sounds were all around me (and by “strange sounds”…I’m referring to NO SOUNDS) because I was sitting in straight silence, with the occasional hair dryer blow and I couldn’t get enough of it. I closed my eyes with excitement and thought…at this very moment I have no one to reprimand, no one to burp, no butts to wipe, and…even better… they call me “Alex” here…like who is “Alex”?…I don’t even know that broad anymore. I thought I had completely transformed into “Mommy” or “MOM” or “MA!” …BAM…then the euphoric sound of AIR ends as I see my phone go off. Just as I’m about to smile and inhale/exhale without a huff and puff of ‘motherOfAToddler frustration’, my hubby texts me saying Ollie has been crying from 7:30-9 straight, and that he’s tried “everything”. I reply, oh-so-sweetly and without zero sarcasm (yeah, ok!)…“BRI–he has three necessities–eat, sleep, and shizzle…POSSIBLY gas–he has gas too! Figure it out DAD..and get back to me…actually don’t!”  C’mon bro–let a lady get some peace for just a few hours. You got this…or at least we can pretend you do. Sigh.

the aftermath is worth the minor aggravation of the “daddy” text. Love how my sis can color your hair without making it obvious!!  my sister in-law got a kick out of me cropping out my ‘tired mom face’ in the pic. 

For those who are unaware… “Willow Salon” is now changed to “Halo Hair & Body” same location in Bristol, RI at 259 Thames Street. Andi (my sis) still owns it and fabulously performs makeovers on a daily basis.  If you are a talented stylist–they are looking for you!

photo 1-55
exhibit A. green beans!

So…Ollie was fussing in the high chair eagerly awaiting the introduction to pears, as Penelope ran into the playroom. She comes out holding a recorder and one morocca and says “i pay some nice moozic faw baby Oyee”.  I told her that was very sweet of her to try and calm him down.  Just then, she blew into the recorder like it was LITERALLY her last exhale ever and he jumped a good 3 inches off the high chair seat. She stopped his fussing though, and he ate his pears. Then puked, smiled again, tooted and was done with pears.  I think it’s safe to say he “sharted” from the “moozic” of Penelope’s one-man-band.  She scared the pears out of him. Wait… technically, she scared the–YOU GET IT! 

photo 2-59
Penelope and her FAVORITE MALE. She’s so in love it’s great. I’m not bad though, I delivered this guy coffee while he was working. I mean, he paid for it, but i delivered–because I AM ACCOMMODATING!

You can expect multiple posts a week, starting soon!  I have so much to tell you and so many pictures to share!!  Feel free to comment if you’ve shared the same summer experiences! Most of the places we go–or went…will be in my new category of “Get Up n’ Go!” Check facebook and instagram for post updates, or sign up to e-mail follow (only on http://www.stayathomedrama.com)

photo 3-45
throw ya hands in the air like ya just don’t care! …aaaand thank god i shaved my pits because daddy snuck this pic at the hotel! I’ll be posting more about our Poconos trip soon!
bye Elmo, it’s been real.


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