After this emotionally crazy week, I thought I’d give you some pictures and captions to lighten your mood. Better yet, lighten mine.  We suffered the loss of a friend last week, and to take things to a brighter level, I decided to simply post in pictures today! If we sit around in sorrow, we will only make the coping process more difficult. Instead, let’s find the ‘fun’ or the ‘humor’ in the things we do. Life. is. just. too. short.

photo 4-24
let’s smile quick before we both have a toddler tantrum.
photo 1-36
newest talent–henna tattoos. book her now while the markers are still washable.
photo 4-22
caught in a canadian tuxedo…with my gargoyle toes and concerned eyebrows.
photo 5-20
stole auntie andi’s fendi and headed for the nearest jungle.
photo 3-28
she’s strapped in. that should give us 4 minutes of freedom!
please note the small foot in the window of penelope’s new “race car” …”daddy go dis way” “daddy yets get temmonade” “daddy i get out” “daddy go fast” “now slow daddy” “daddy i awl done” Daddy: “You are?” Penelope: “no daddy”
photo 3-27
i dont care who you are…at least once, you’ve almost pooped in your car–while driving.
photo 2-39
part fairy, part gnome, part shroom–all whacko.
photo 2-38
queen of the BIG KID slide. “look what I doodin” she says…then mommy goes on, and her butt gets stuck. NOT OKAY.
photo 1-35
teaching him sign language early to express his true feelings about his older sibling. (truthfully, he flipped the bird after she plucked a tiny hair from his sweet little noggin…perfect timing, baby bro.)
photo 1-33
woah. someone needs a tissue.
photo 1-34
introducing “girl”…our friends thought it would be a good idea to buy Penelope a hamster for her 2nd birthday. Did I say friends? yeah..not anymore. it smells.
photo 5-19
the world lost a beautiful soul, inside and out. not only did his uniform fit perfectly, but that smile never left. this has been a tough week for so many of us who had the pleasure of being your friend, Rich. you left this earth with my child thinking your name was “bich” because she still hasn’t mastered that “r” sound yet. we will find peace in knowing that you would make someone smile (or whistle at you), wherever you’d go. for that, and the joy you brought so many, we will miss you, “bich”. (Richard Jean-Georges)

One thought on “captions.

  1. Alex you made me laugh and cry both with tears. I truly enjoyed your photos and captions. Thanks for sharing. It helps me feel so close to your family when I’m not actually there with them. Love you all!


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