bubble blower. crib jumper.

bubbles and jammies. It’s all you need. AND WINE…but she doesn’t know that yet!

BUBBLES. It’s all about the bubbles these days…and if you ask Penelope, “It’s All About That Bass” too, since that’s her favorite jam, said NO PROUD PARENT, EVER. Eh, could be worse. The girl needs her fix. At least once a day she needs some sort of bubble interaction AND a Megan Trainor tune…possibly an M&M as well. A blue one. High maintenance broad. I captured this picture of Penel on the deck in all her pajama glory, trying to catch the bubbles we blew with her “bubble blaster”! The Fubbles bubble brand makes some pretty serious bubble machines if you’re into that kinda thing.  Daddy found a huge jug of bubbles at Job Lot for 2.99 so we should be good for a week or so. HA. Bubbles are literally so cheap–and so darn amusing.  Your kid won’t bother you for at least 30 minutes if there are bubbles being blown–or they’ll immediately bother you if they spill the entire container all over the deck. 

…annnnnnnnd I officially have no freedom.

Okay folks, looks like it’s time to break open the box. You know–the box that the crib attachment came in…the one that makes the crib a toddler bedYA. She climbed out.  Climbed out, and oh-so-casually skipped into the living room saying, “Hey Mommy–I waked up!”…no kid… you didn’t “waked” up–YA NEVER SLEPT! Honestly though, her dismount was pretty impressive. My.Life.Is.OVER.  My sister caught it on the monitor video camera and then I had Penelope ‘perform’ the move for me again to see just how she got out.  Does this mean she gives up naps? Or does this mean I have to bunji cord her to the bed to sleep? Stop…I already told you I’m not that bad!  HOWEVER, I’m thinking she may be a tough cookie to get into an actual ‘laying down position’ and commence sleeping–for a nap at least. She typically goes down effortlessly at night, as long as we sing her 387 songs including–but not limited too–twinkle, twinkle…the wheels on the bus…the abc’s…pat-a-cake…the itsy bitsy spider…the “nonnie” song (which my whole family knows and hates)…and the finger family song…which you probably shouldn’t youtube because it’s extremely creepy with a man’s deep voice singing about how each finger is a member of the family. Gulp. We’ll see how it goes. Now, she just strolls on into our bedroom once she wakes up–doesn’t even bother to call my name–make that–SCREAM MY NAME through the monitor any more. Miss Independent!

photo 1-31
popeye boy. If those eyes don’t stay blue, I’d be shocked!

This is the face of a baby boy who slept over 6 hours three nights in a row…and then ruined it by the fourth night, eating every 2.5 hours. He’s 7 weeks old and doing BIG things, I guess. He’s a sweet boy whose only concerns are boobs and bowel movements. This kid poops once every 4-5 days–which I find odd since Penelope was also a breastfed baby who had no regularity issues. Different plumbing I guess! How does a breastfed baby even get constipated? Judging by that silly grin above, he doesn’t seem too concerned by his lack of doodles, so I won’t be either! He smiles most when you open your mouth obnoxiously wide and say “Hiiiiiiiii”. Totally not a cranky kid, either.  Makes a fussy face, cries for a sec…farts/burps–and done. 

photo 4-20
baby brother is milk drunk and Penel is heading toward picking his nose with her pinky. Do I know my kids or what?!

I’m really impressed with Penelope lately, though. Although my husband and I wouldn’t leave her for two seconds alone with him–fearing he would lose a limb–she is becoming more gentle!  She got over the yelling in his face and hitting him, and has moved onto stealing his binky more often and hiding it. I’ll take it. We have spares. He doesn’t have spare limbs. She always wants to “cuddle baby brudda” or “I sit next to him”–which usually means on top of him with her butt in his face, or slowly rolling over onto him covering half his body… siiiggghhhh. 

photo 3-25
dreamboat of cute baby heaven.

How much do you love my bed decoration??  Talking about little Mister Oliver, of course. However, that precious coral beaded accent pillow from HomeGoods behind the baby statue was worth every cent of the $24.99 it cost me–especially since I had a gift card to pay for it. Yeehaw. Brightened up my gray dungeon of a bedroom! Threw in those light sea foamy pillows too, because I NEEDED them…and so does Ollie…for back support.

photo 1-32
smiling and thinking about three things. How I can’t wait to be horizontal ALONE in the bed behind me. How I need to trim my eyebrows because they are slightly out of control, and how much I love the new Cynthia Rowley gloss color that came in this months Birch Box. Too bad Penelope hijacked it and lost it or else I’d tell you the name of the color. FAIL.

Aren’t you so excited I got my own DOMAIN? We are/I am OFFICIALLY http://www.stayathomedrama.com and have lots of cool things coming your way..SUCH AS: A COSCO Car Seat and $25 Wal-Mart Gift Card GIVEAWAY! Stay tuned for the next post THIS WEEK! Should have my new blog layout up and running soon toon! Working on all of that–while a kid is attached to my chest and a toddler throws play-doh at me. 5:00 yet?!

2 thoughts on “bubble blower. crib jumper.

  1. Yay! I was having withdrawal from not seeing your posts! Love every minute of reading. You are the best Miss Alex!


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