the party of four ventures out.

Kind of funny how adding a new kid to the mix now makes ‘getting ready’ a three hour process instead of two. They both conveniently enjoy pooping simultaneously while trying to leave the house, and someone is always in need of either a boob, or a snack. Life is bananas.  We decided to venture out to Wrentham, because I think we were both sick of seeing “mama” wear elastic waist-maternity-type-pants. We figured it’d be fun to test out the double stroller and take the two little goons out shopping…PAUSE–STOP!!! What were we thinking?! 

photo 3-21
All lathered up in sunscreen and about to wreak havoc on Wrentham.

Just when you think this picture is an adorable sibling shot, Penelope socked her brother so hard in the face that he woke up from his slumber to scream.  Within 5 minutes of our fabulous shopping trip these two were separated and Penelope’s seat quickly became the spot for the shopping bags. She found herself in the single stroller under Daddy’s watchful eye.  She didn’t care though, she probably wanted her own stroller anyway! PUNK.  Current favorite phrase is… “No Mommy!” At least Ollie can’t talk back yet!

boob-on-the-go! Funny how with the first one you are all self-conscious about public breast-feeding and by the second kid you just whip that sucker out and sling a blanket over your shoulder like a boss. 

I got newborn duty, and my husband got toddler duty that day. Poor guy…poor, poor guy.  Needless to say my shopping experience wasn’t ruined…just interrupted now and then for a nursing session. Basically, we divided and conquered. I went my way with Ollie–a.k.a GAP, Banana Republic, Lucky Brand–while Brian went his…Reebok, Under Armour, and of course, The Disney Store, where Princess Petunia conned daddy into buying some Sophia The 1st figurines on account of her terrible behavior. We met in OshKosh B’Gosh for the kiddies. FUN FACT: Did you know that you can use Carter’s gift cards/Merchandise Credits at OshKosh B’Gosh? I had a gift card to Carter’s and was able to put it towards our OshKosh purchase. Cool. Got good deals on adorable summer dresses for Penelope! $10! Too cute!

original price was $36, so for $10 I’LL TAKE IT!
let’s see how long this stays WHITE! $10 too!

testing out the waters…

photo 5-13
first ya fill it up…
photo 4-15
…then you slide down and scream bloody murder because the hose water is 2 degrees.

Daddy has done a fabulous job of this “keeping Penelope occupied” gig he’s been assigned. He surprised her after her nap by having her new pool from Grandpa all blown up and ready in the back yard!  Truthfully, thank god he’s been home. Considering Oliver wants to eat every few hours–after all, he STILL–at three weeks old–isn’t up to Penelope’s birth weight yet!

photo 2-28
“Frozen GO-GURT!”   Daddy/Nugget selfie at the most wonderful place on earth…no, no…not Disneyworld. Pinkberry!


photo 1-28
remember that time I thought it was cool to wear a cheetah dress to the zoo? WHAT. A. JERK.

Penelope and Ollie were both free to get into the zoo. We tried leaving them there, but the elephant trainer wouldn’t take them in.

photo 1-25
same hairdo.
photo 4-14
Brushed a goats BUM BUM.

Roger Williams Park Zoo is so interactive now, and the kids (adults too!) can go right into the petting zoo area, and actually brush the goats!  Penelope just wanted to brush it’s “bum-bum”…obviously, because EVERYTHING is about bum-bum’s these days.  We even “shake our booty” in the mirror now.  Good Lord. Daddy is so proud.

photo 4-18
I’m part Giraffe.

Blue Rock Candy. #HealthFreaks #DentistCalled #He’sPissed

photo 3-22
This was Kate. Penelope was calling her “Auntie Kate” because she has a few of those.
photo 3-23
catching the drips, and cooling off.
photo 2-30
I got an arm sleeve that day, but Daddy took me to wash my hands and it washed off. It was a rainbow. I called it a “Bane-Bow”

Most of the time, Oliver is oblivious to our “family outings” because he is fast asleep.  We figured we’d shine a little spotlight on him, as he tried out his new bibs and bottles from Tommee Tippee.



These were my favorite bibs for Penelope, and I wanted to try them out again for little Ollie. YUP–THEY WORKED!  Really, it doesn’t matter what size or shape your little one is, these bibs will keep that ‘under-the-neck’ food trap clean, and smelling fresh.  Check below for the real “drool catching” action!

Drink, drink. Dribble, dribble. Ahhhh.

Tommee Tippee strikes again!  This time, it’s with their Closer To Nature Bottle! Oliver really seemed to like this one (as shown above). He spits up a bit after nursing so I wanted to test out the Anti-Colic Bottle, with it’s new temperature control feature.  If the milk or formula is too hot, the blue stick inside turns pink.  Best part is, it mimics a mama’s breast, making the transition back and forth from breast to bottle–a breeze!  Read More about it, here:


You can find tommee tippee® products at these retailers. Please note, not all retailers stock the full product range.

Babies R’ Us, Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, Kohl’s, Amazon, BuyBuy Baby, and many more! 


Come to the free event in Boston to honor the Safety 1st Step and Go Travel System!

It’s Free! Come to the Safety 1st pop-up shop, May 14 – 17 in Faneuil Hall Marketplace, next to the Make Way for Ducklings store. The shop opens Thursday May 14th at 10 a.m. with family friendly activities throughout the week. The pop-up shop is in honor of the new Step and Go Travel System. There will be free stroller fitness classes with pilates instructor and new mom Jennifer Phelan (Friday and Saturday); Afternoon story hour with Mix 104.1’s morning DJ Kennedy and children’s book author and illustrator, Jef Czekaj; “Step Up Your Day or Date Night” with free make-up and hair styling.  Saturday and Sunday the pop up store will receive an exclusive visit from Step and Go Social Media Vending Machine. The machine is stocked full of prizes for the on-the-go parent – you could win anything from EOS lip balm, to Babies R Us gift cards, or an iPad Mini. You never know what the machine will spit out, but everyone leaves with something. #StepAndGoParent

Complete details and an activity schedule is here:

I’ll be attending on Saturday, May 16th around NOON time!

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