…and Ollie makes 4!

Greetings my peeps.  I’m back from my child-birthing experience and ready to blog again. WOW. LIFE WITH TWO. Crazy…but fun. So glad my hubby is home with us for a while to enjoy the festivities.

photo 2-23
mother of two… very pale–hence the black and white filters! HA.

Meet Oliver “Ollie” our newest addition of cuteness. Decided to come 2 days earlier than the plan, but matches mom’s birthday date of number 17! 8lbs 8 oz seemed small compared to his monstrosity of a 10lb 4oz sibling! My brother in law was all excited because he guessed Oliver’s weight exactly.  Too bad there’s no prize. Couldn’t love him anymore than we do already. So much so, that I told my husband (while under the influence of narcotics in the hospital) that I wanted a third. HA. He politely told me that I was psychotic, and needed some rest. Things may change in the next few months…we…shall…see. At least I can drink again!  I told him to keep the wine coming for a happy wife/mommy. Capiche?!

photo 5-6
hedgehog life.

Totally a sweet little guy–eats, sleeps, poops, repeats–pretty much it.  The best is when I catch him smiling in his sleep.

photo 1-21
like this… “dreaming of milk-filled boobs, everywhere”

The worst is when I sense fear in his eyes as Penel comes BARRELING into his personal space for a big wet kiss–and an added 30 lbs of her weight onto whatever body party she wants to squeeze–at that exact moment. I have to say, it is a HUGE struggle to try and tame your ‘rough-and-tumble’ toddler into a gentle giant…I mean..big sister.  Believe it or not, she is protective of him and sometimes even helpful to us.  She likes to go and grab his binky for us–after pre-moistening it herself, of course, throwing it into the playroom, picking it back up and trying to shove it in his mouth. Sometimes she’ll grab a clean diaper when he does “steeenky poops” as she says.  I’ll take newborn BM’s ANYDAY over toddler ‘cow-piles’.  After all, this was her domain…and ONLY hers.  It’ll take some time to realize ‘baby brudda’ is here to stay.

photo 5-7
someone turned two! 

Little Miss Penelope turned TWO the day after we got home from the hospital. Daddy and Mommy made sure to order Cookie Monster and Elmo cupcakes, and Nonnie brought over Elmo hats, plates, and balloons for a mini celebration at home. We wanted to make sure we honored her birthday on the actual day (as if she had a clue)…as long as she gets cake and candles, we’re good, regardless of the date. Every time the “Happy Birthday” song was over–she’d yell “One More Pime”..yes, with a “p”– and we’d sing it all over again. Loves to blow the candles out, that kid. We got her a few Play-Doh sets for her birthday which she LOVES (hubby’s idea).  Mommy just adores picking the hard crusty blue and pink pieces out of the carpet the next day, too.  Good idea on the gift this year, Daddy-O! needless to say, all the colors have merged into one, but we are having a good time making Play-Doh sundaes and cakes for Baby Bruddah and his stuffed animal friends.

photo 3-19
one is in sleep denial, the other is OUT.

…Very curious as to how brother can manage to get into Mom and Dad’s bed, but she can’t.  We made it a point to have family snuggle time, so there’s no hard feelings between siblings.

photo 3-20

She didn’t want to go to sleep on this particular night until we put “Baby Brudda in theyyyyyya” as she kept repeating in her thickest lil’ rhody accent.

photo 1-22
either an arm rest or she wants him to smell her armpits. Probably a combo of the two.

I never thought I’d feel that strange “guilt” that some moms talk about–after bringing home the second kiddo. It’s real, it happens.  You just look at your toddler differently. Of course, at this stage in her two year old life, she needs me more than ever. The tough part is, so does Ollie–considering I am his cow…the only one in the home with working udders. Naps are tougher for Penel, listening to her parents when they tell her to do something is non-existent, and she only wants “Daddy do it” instead of Mommy…because, after all, Mommy skidaddled for four nights to have another baby.  Penelope did okay though–she got to hang out with Nana each day, went to the zoo with her aunt, uncle, and cousin, slept at home with Daddy every night, and got “big sister” special presents from some of Ollie’s visitors!  I just felt helpless sitting in the hospital bed without my main girl.  When I did see her each day, it was like “Mommy who?!”…and it secretly KILLED ME. Now that we are home and adjusting, it’s just the ‘being gentle around the little guy’ that’ll need some fine tuning.  She does this hilarious/horrific thing where she will be across the room and put up her hand while saying “tickle tickle” and creep towards him as if to tickle him.  Usually it ends with her trying to give ‘baby brudda’ a wet willy, stealing the binky, and running away! As parents, we cringe–but In time, she’ll learn…WE PRAY.

photo 4-12
kissable, squishable, lovable, delicious.

The above pic was taken at his first doctor’s appointment where he did quite well, and showed them that his plumbing works just fine.  While being weighed, Ollie peed all over the doctor’s office wall, cotton swabs, tongue depressors, and stack of paper towels.  I call that thing “the wild weenie”.  I’m used to changing girls, where it doesn’t squirt up with the first feeling of cold air. You really need to be on guard with this fire hose.  Every time you open the diaper, you risk getting shot with the yellow stuff.

photo 4-13
poster child for tan fuzzy blankets everywhere.   Can you stand it?

Kendall Lane Photography (Starring Amanda DiFiore) captured this snuggle-fest-moment of little Ollie during his amazing newborn session at just 8 days old.  She hooked him up with a heated blanket, some nice smelling oils filtering into the air, a little dave mathews on the radio to calm him, and what does he do in return? PEE! Peed all over her pretty blankets, a few swaddle wraps, and the carpet–proving once again, he has a working unit. Good goin’ Ollie.

We can’t wait to get our online gallery and order some prints!  Check her out on Facebook.  She did Penelope’s 1 year session too! Too cute.  (Penelope is her current profile picture..ahhh…the good ole days!)


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