NESTING is a real thing. I’m a ‘slobbone’ (italian word for slob) on a regular basis, but this last week or two I have been unable to control the urge to PREP for baby #2.  Could it be the fact that our bathroom is still “un-poopable” or “un-bathable”?  PROBABLY!  All I can pray for is that once this baby comes, I don’t have to travel down a flight of stairs (I know, poor me) to pee anymore.  Problem is, by the time I get to the bottom of the stairs, I need to go right back up to change my leggings. HA. You know the drill. One cannot hold their pee at 3:30 am while ‘commuting’ downstairs to use the facilities.

photo 5-1
making progress on the bathroom though! We picked out this snazzy “Absolute Black” color granite for the counter top. Figured a pop of black in our gray and white bathroom was just what we needed to accompany the new picture we got at TJ Maxx!

Check out the DIY section of the blog to see tons of “Progress” pics from the bathroom reno.  I’m not DIY’ing it–but my Dad and Brian are–so it goes in that section!

The NEW picture. So even while you’re on the toilet, you can “Be Amazing” Check out the price tag $16.99! Wanted a pop of black and gold in there so I figured accessories would do the trick. Our new shower curtain is white with a black geometric design and I’m on the hunt for some cool knobs for the vanity! I grabbed a few picture frames off of clearance there too, because I thought putting some ‘bubble bath’ pics of Penelope in the new bathroom would be a cute personal touch to the wall behind the JOHN. 

I packed my hospital bag a few nights ago, at the ripe hour of 11pm and found myself vacuuming the playroom at 11:30. I almost forgot to pack the new baby clothes–just like I did for Penel.  What?! They live in the womb naked…soooo…… Too bad she only got 1,000 outfits to take home from the hospital. Poor deprived child.

photo 1-4
clearly the leopard sneaker loafers from Target are a necessity for the hospital.

First things first, the camera!! We will need to capture that squishy little face the second we see him.  We threw the video camera in the suitcase too to catch Penelope’s reaction to “the new kid”…figuring it may be an interesting one. Sometimes she wants to meet baby brother, and others, not so much. She walks up to my belly and says “open this, Mom!” I’m not sure she knows that once we “open this”–the baby can’t go back in.  I keep trying to tell her she’s getting a non-returnable gift for her birthday this year, but I’m sure she will realize that soon enough.  The verdict is that he will come out looking like his sister with a jolly round face and dark hair. Smaller though–supposedly.

I stuck the ever-so-comfy UGG flip flop slippers in there as well as flip flops to shower in (good tip from a friend!) comfy spring robes (Cynthia Rowley–a gift from my girl, Kelsey), matching cute jammies with cami tops (easy for nursing), nursing pads, comfy stretchy bras (Don’t have to be necessarily for nursing) I grabbed these spandex bras from Wal-Mart for $4.96–they are really cute, come in different colors with lace lining the bottom, adjustable straps, and padding!

The idea came from my mom, who picked them up for my sister… then I thought “those would be comfy for nursing…and they don’t look geriatric.” BINGO! Plus–they’re wicked cheap so if your boozums grow or shrink you can by other sizes and not break the bank. 

Can’t forget the Medela breast pump. This time, I’m going to try a mix of pumping, and nursing to keep that supply up.  With Penel, I really just fed her from me, and pumped 3-5 times a week but I want to try and build up a good stock of the boob juice, so Penelope doesn’t feel like he’s always got Mommy to himself.  I figure when she naps during the day I can nurse him, and obviously in the morning if he wakes up before her and at night before bedtime.  USE YOUR RESOURCES PEOPLE! FORMULA IS EXPENSIVE. Truthfully, If you are lucky enough to be abe to breastfeed–try it out…if it’s not for you, it’s not for you–but your baby will love it and so will your husband when you save him $40+ a week on formula. Mine wishes I was still nursing, I bet. HA. No Thanks. She already asks to “Touch Boob” and “See Boob”–and that’s enough for me!

photo 2-5
got a sneak peek at the squishy man within the belly–and ALL I WANT TO DO IS BITE THOSE CHEEKS NOW! Soon enough! 12 days, if not before!

We are tossing between three names that will REMAIN top secret until little Guadalupe arrives. JK. I hadddd too. With so much input from family, and opinions galore–my hubby and I really want it to be OUR DECISION. After all, ya can’t take it back once you fill out the birth certificate, so we need a good one.  He looks like a “Chunker” so maybe we will call him “Chunk”.  I’m used to boys because my cousins have boys, but I’m interested to see the difference in play, eating & sleeping habits, etc.  Penelope was EASY. She was a BIG baby, who ate well and slept well–I’m talking through the night by 7 weeks. She is incredibly verbal, and SO SO SO active (never stays still unless she is sick or asleep). Wonder if he will be like his big Sissy.

photo 4-3
little snuggles sleepin’ like a cherub. “In MOMMY bed” as she wants to every night.

This was a little treat to fall asleep in Mommy & Daddy’s bed because she wasn’t feeling so hot.  Caught a glimpse of that ugly stomach bug going around, but managed to keep her spirits up, and show up lookin’ snazzy on Easter!

please note, I must be feeling better…I am able to reach for the jelly beans in the treat bag from Nana. I was caught on camera though, see?

Cutest headband EVER. TARGET! $5.00! Probably can’t even make it for that cheap. Under her dress she wore her new Mint Converse All Stars. For the purpose of running, of course.

So easy and SO CUTE. Just make your average Rice Krispie treat and mold it into a cupcake tin pushing down to put a thumbprint in the center and fill with ‘Whopper’ robins eggs. Or Cadbury mini eggs!!

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