Glitter Overkill. Cheesecake. Brudda’s Room.

Daddy took Penelope for her very first trip to Build-A-Bear Workshops in the Providence Place Mall, while Mommy had some ‘bloggy’ business in Boston.  He let her pick out whichever animal she wanted to stuff, dress, and take home!  What a special day she was about to have, and Mama got a little break of her own too.

Just when you thought it was safe to send them out alone for a Daddy/Daughter date, she comes home with this gem…

photo 3-1
BAM! IN YO FACE. Get your sunglasses out for this duo.

Those of you who know me, know that I am by no means a “pink” person…let alone a pink/glitter/sparkle/sequin combo  person.  Penelope was very excited to show me her “bunky” and my eyes widened with FEAR–I mean, delight–when I saw her creation.  “Oh WOW! What did you name the monkey?” I asked my husband, as he laughed at my reaction, holding Penel who was smiling ear to ear–“Richard Simmons?”  After laughing about it some more, he confessed that he gave her 3 choices of animals to pick from (that were much cuter and far less obnoxious) than “Jumpy” (Daddy’s choice–hence why I’ll be naming baby #2) but she kept pointing to the hot pink eye sore, repeating “that one!” So HOW could he say no…right? I, the mean one apparently, would’ve said–“ohhh, well sorry–they ran out of those…pick again!”  If you notice from the above picture, my child is freakishly in love with Richard Sim–I mean-“Jumpy” and picked out her own pajamas to CLEARLY match her newest friend that night.  I’ve come to the conclusion that she was probably so drawn to it, because she doesn’t own a thing like it at home.  There are no combinations of pink/glitter/sparkle/sequin items in her wardrobe–nor do there need to be…EVER. Jumpy actually has a masculine body, and barely fits into her skin-tight shimmer shorts, let alone pink and purple floral undies she’s rockin’ beneath the polyester.  Gotta love Penelope though…picking out clothes that look like they came from ‘Limited Too’ circa 1997. Every night since she created this tacky-delicious jungle creature, she has requested it be in her crib at bedtime, and nine out of ten times falls asleep with it in a headlock.  Hey–for $40, you can have yourself a gorgeous pink monkey too…or feel free to borrow Penelope’s AT ANY TIME.

even Elmo looks horrified.

Long live “Jumpy”…”The World’s Most Tacky Monkey”

photo 1

Back tracking slightly to the night that “Jumpy” was born, A friend and I met up with Daddy and Penelope at The Cheesecake Factory on the way home from Boston, in Providence. My child is SUCH a sweet tooth–just like her Mama, and I couldn’t resist this photo-op, that was followed by an “Ooooooooooh….CAAAAKKKEEEE… I HAVE IT!” comment.  Of course she was rewarded for her fabulous behavior at the dinner table that night–and got to share some Godiva chocolate cheesecake with Mommy. By “fabulous” behavior, I mean horrific behavior. Humming chunks of bread across the table at my friend, stealing carrots and asparagus from her plate, licking a butter package, and spitting out her macaroni and cheese after she was “all done”.  Might I add, making our poor waitress pick up her bib and cup off the floor twice each…as if the woman doesn’t have enough on her plate already, having to memorize that menu. AND By “sharing” I mean she was allowed 3 bites because Mommy needed to shovel in the rest. You know, in case the zombies come. Such proud Mommy moments and memories we are making. When the cake came out, so did the halo–and she was no longer an untamed beast without a manner to speak of, but a sweet little angel enjoying a few bites of a “special treat”.

If that’s not good parenting, then I don’t know WHAT is. Go Us!  (Where’s the ‘thumbs up’ emoji when you need it?!)

photo 4-1

Outside of all the restaurant and Build-a-Bear silliness, we had a very productive week!  “Baby Brudda” got a room!  All he needs is a rug, some baby drool, and a monitor so we can spy on him in the night, and…maybe some more wall decor.  I’m actually on the hunt for some ceramic white or silver antlers of some sort, and once he gets a name, maybe a big rustic wooden or metal letter above his crib.  It really helps to have a handy dad, and a hubby who wants to go out and buy things.  Together, they can put cribs together in under an hour! Hah.  You know how I roll–I used a coupon at Babies R’ Us and got the crib under $200!  The best part? It’s a lifetime crib that can transform into a toddler bed, a day bed and eventually a full size bed–it even got a 5 star rating! First kid gets the $600 crib, second kid gets the 200.  Sacrifices are necessary, little boy-to-be, Mommy and Daddy need to renovate this pad.


For a total of $13 or so, you can make your own nursery wall art.  So simple.  I always buy my canvases at Job Lot, because they are $4.99–compared to the average of $12-15 from a craft store.  I already had the paints (Acrylic 20-pack of colors and previously bought those at Job Lot too for $4.99)–the roll of blue and white striped ribbon was $2.97 at Wal-Mart and created the perfect “wires” for those birdies to sit on.  Too cute, and a fun way to add in a pop of color.  The main scheme of his room is cream, navy, white, and mustard–BUT now I have an excuse to tie in some red in whatever rug I choose. I’m into the aztec rugs lately.  Searching for a bright colored one for Miss P’s big girl room, too!




 STAY TUNED TO OUR CRAFTY SECTION– we are about to DEMO our main bathroom.  “Out with the Mold and in with the new!”  I wish I was joking…we found mold…so BYE BYE BATHROOM! I have to admit–I’m pretty excited about getting to pick out ‘all new stuff’ and customize the look, so I can wash MYSELF, and these babies in style!  We may just have to train Daddy to use the downstairs bathroom instead.


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