Holla IF YA ‘HAIR’ ME.

Have you heard?! The fabulous sister of Alex Lancellotta–Andi Lancellotta– opened a salon in Bristol, RI!  I know what you’re thinking–“there’s 576 salons in Bristol–why another?”  Here’s why!  They have chosen a path less traveled in the hair business and take pride in what they do. Willow Salon & Hair Boutique can offer you a more natural route to hair care, treatment, and color options. C’mon guys–get with it…”GOING GREEN” IS IN! 

photo 1-15
straight out of an Anthropologie magazine.

First of all, check the place out!  Sweet artistic flare, by my darling sister, gives this salon a boutique-type feel, versus the typical fluorescent lights of your average hair joint.  She wanted to set it up this way, and provide some relaxation for her guests, as well as to support the local artists around the East Bay by hanging and selling their pictures inside (as seen in below pic).  It seems that the popular styles and colors for the ladies this season–are the good old Ombre (color fades from dark to light), and a technique called Balyage.  Balyage is what I had done, and it’s literally a technique where your color is ‘hand-painted on’. She has a very artistic hand, whereas some hair stylists may be nervous to try this technique out.  It allows you to free-hand the color, along the natural wave and flow of the clients’ hair (as opposed to foils that involve strategic parting and positioning of the color).

photo 3-12
Oh lighten up, yes I’m preggo–but this skilled artist will apply the hair color a few inches away from the scalp (for those of you who worry about my new son coming out with highlights).

Andi’s favorite “going green” hair products are found in the HOLISTIX line! Shampoos, conditioners, hair oils and cream treatments are all used at the salon. She sells all of the products she uses, right at Willow-–so if you love it–you can leave with it! They’ve got natural shampoos, washes, and conditioner, and most of their hair dye derivatives are from plants, and natural sources versus STRAIGHT chemicals.  Don’t be fooled, you DO need some chemicals to get human hair to that perfect color you’ve been dreaming of, but the products and techniques they use to get you looking HOT–won’t be nearly as harmful or damaging to your hair and scalp as others. Keep that noggin healthy! (Preggo friends–are you listening?  Guilt-free coloring while you’re “Pregnant-o”–that’s my combination word for pregnant and giganto). I’m certainly no doctor, but for those of you who want to keep up with your color while expecting–this is the route you should take!


There’s nothing quite like getting a scalp massage or having someone else wash your hair–SCRATCH THAT–there is nothing like washing your hair–period!  Times can be tough in motherhood, and you only get 2 minute showers some days (if at all) so you have to skip the hair washing.  Andi gives a mean scalp massage to really work that shampoo into your brain–I mean scalp! (Maybe she went a little more rough for me, since I didn’t shut up the entire time my head was hanging in the sink).  Loved it, though!

photo 2-16
Just say “aaahhhhhh”…but close your mouth so you don’t get water in it…or soap…like Me, because I talk too much.

With comfy chairs that recline when you do, your head and neck will smile–and so will you when you realize you’ve been toddler-free for 2 hours now! Hip-hip-HOOOOOORAY.

photo 4-8
finished product is OH SO GAWGEOUS.

You can’t make this stuff up! Literally, it looks like I spent the summer outside and that my hair has been naturally lightened by nature. She is a BEAST, that Andi Lancellotta.

GO SEE HER!  Willow Salon & Hair Boutique is located at 259 Thames Street in Bristol, RI.  It’s actually inside of the Bristol Harbor Inn Hotel (there is an entrance from inside the hotel, as well as the main entrance from the parking lot!)

photo 1-2
Here she is! Live in action, doing one of our BFF’s hair for her BIG-DAY. She doubled as Hair Stylist and Maid-of-Honor for this occasion.

Getting Married? The UP-DO master is here for you! Did I mention she is also a make-up artist? Get the complete package for your special occasion.

Wedding dates are booking up fast, call the Salon, NOW! 401-253-7873

photo 2-18
She specializes in that ‘red-carpet’ look. Check out these updo’s (and down-do’s)

The salon is taking part in a BIG WAY for The St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  Together with Inspired Living & Judge Roy Bean Saloon in Bristol, RI, they’ll be hosting a St. Baldrick’s Head Shaving Event on March 29th from 2-5PM. If you can’t make the event–or want to skip the head shaving, you can always donate to the foundation and help out a great cause. The website on the flyer should be LIVE by next week. Thanks for the support–we hope to see you at “The Bean” in a few Sundays from now! Details below!

photo 1-16

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