Who are you wearing?

Who …Me? Oh, yes…”Vince” for Vince Camuto, Old Navy, and GAP.  Sweater is ‘Vince’ (Nordstrom Rack purchase–$22), leggings are Old Navy, undershirt and undies are GAP (both mine AND Penel’s).  It’s no Versace–but It’ll do for an Oscar viewing from the playroom carpet.  Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with Lupita Nyong’o and everything she wears–is–and ever will be. From the flawless skin, to the glowing makeup, to the beaded detail on that fabulous dress–Good lord her stylist NAILS it every awards show.  As I sit here with my hair in a sock bun–and that’s giving it credit–glasses stretched out from my child pulling them off my face 78 times daily, and knee length socks–I think, SOMEONE STYLE ME! I guess being a stylist for your toddler should count for something…right?!

she just CAN’T go wrong. She is EVERYTHING.

I love me some bargains–as we all know. I will NEVER stop telling you the sale price of an article of clothing I’m wearing, or where you can get one for yourself for $6.99.  I don’t need million dollar labels to strut my stuff, because I have TJ Maxx, Target, Old Navy, H&M, etc. (also stated in posts before this).  We are thinking S-P-R-I-N-G this week, because with three feet of snow in my back yard, I can only think of gladiator sandals, bright flowers, wagon rides, and pink toes…OH YEAH… and Lupita.

For example, I decided I’d run the grocery shopping errands today to grab last minute necessities for our chicken parm din-din.  I made sure to head to the Stop n’ Shop that was right next door to TJ Maxx, JUST TO SEE if there was anything ‘calling my name’.  Let’s face it, buying maternity clothes at this point is pretty silly–but shoes, NOW those you can buy no matter what your bodies’ condition may be. Hopefully my loving husband skips reading the blog this week–or he’ll be wondering why there is a pair of sandals with tags on them just chilling out in the spare room.  Better yet–he’ll wonder why and how he bought them without even being there.  Irresistible, at $19.99 and SO COMFY–for those gorgeous freshly painted-preggo-sausage-tootsies of mine.  These will be sure to get the Spring mood going–and that was my thought behind the purchase. The. End.

Thanks Honey, you are SUCH a SWEETHEART!

I’m pretty sure even the florists at Stop n’ Shop are sick of the white stuff. Leisurely sweeping the aisles purposely taking insane amounts of time getting bananas, mozzarella, and Barilla pasta, I came across these pretties.  Sure, I’ll stop and desperately GAWK at the flowers–I’m alone–in the market–it’s UH-MAY-ZING. I may even bend over and smell them.  No i won’t–my back hurts too much. Let’s not push it.

That artificially inseminated fuscia, though–loving it!

He didn’t involuntarily treat me to these…they will die… the shoes will live FOREVER. Better investment.

Couldn’t resist giggling, and taking a picture of this shirt while out-and-about, simply thinking of all of the people I can picture wearing it in public.  I mean, I’d probably get it …and rock it at Roger William’s Park Zoo–now that’s a good one!

photo 2-15
yeah–that’s right. Get on my level. It’s “disheveled housewife on a mission for relaxation.”

After getting home from my 2 store stay-cation, I figured let’s do something outside.  The poor child has been couped up in our house, bound to her potty chair for a few weeks now.  When I told Mrs. Pickles that we were going to get bundled up so we could go on a wagon ride, the face lit up, and an “OH BOY!” came out of those little lips, and Mama put on her Hunter’s for the neighborhood treck.  Fear not people–we live in a cul de sac that is very well plowed.  I just couldn’t resist the opportunity for a ten minute walk in the winter wonderland that we can’t seem to escape, not to mention I could use a little exercise–well, a lot of exercise–but, oh well. Mother Nature needs a slap. I’m so done with her.  She doesn’t give a squat that I need new windows in my spare room before I can transform it into a “big girl” room for Princess Penel.  I very well cannot make my almost 70-year-old Pops plant a ladder in a 3 foot snow drift on the side of my house to install these suckers–as tempting as that may be.  We have 8 weeks left until we are a party of four–and we have lots to do before the grand arrival of the second kid.  Bring on the 40+ weather so we can melt this crap!

photo 1-14
nothing says Spring like a wagon ride through the avalanche!

Next, we came inside, got comfy– and did pedi’s. Have you tried Piggy Paint on your toddler? As we all know–they don’t stay still, and it wouldn’t be appropriate to tranquilize them to paint their toes, now would it? It’s as gentle as mud, and dries super quick. Made for babies and toddlers and comes in colors from red to green!

photo 3-10
Big mommy piggy went to the market…Little Penellie piggy stayed home…

GET SOME!  http://www.piggypaint.com/product/jazz-it-up/

Ours was a gift–but you can actually buy yours at Wal-Mart–and save about $1 per bottle!

Penelope is rockin’ the “Jazz It Up” color on her piggies.

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