Looking for a FREE activity to get some energy out of that cookoo toddler of yours?  Daddy took us to “Launch” to jump our sillies out this week. Sadly though, they frown upon 31 week preggos bouncing around on their trampolines. (Don’t know if it’s the peeing or the amniotic fluid they are more concerned with, but oh well.) Penel and Daddy had a blast.  Launch is an indoor trampoline park located at 105 Pace Blvd. in Warwick, RI.  Leave it to my man to find a coupon for it (right on their site)–where two adults can jump for $16 (1 hour of jumping)–and anyone under 2 is free! She is 22 months old so it was perfect! I’m training him well in the bargain dept. One hour of jumping is really all she needed before she was pooped.  Speaking of which, we made sure she was wearing a pull-up for this occasion.  Remember, they are a trampoline park–not a slip n’ slide.  Let’s keep it clean, folks.

photo 1-11
I’m either pooping or jumping… I’ll keep them guessing.

Is it wrong that we put our toddler in the “Dodgeball” room at Launch?  She saw the balls and couldn’t resist. We were the only ones in the place for the first half hour–so we played the toddler version.  She holds three balls at once, while we bop them off her head and she laughs.  Everybody wins.

photo 3-6
let’s do this.

She had her game face ready, and began the chant “c’mere Daddy, c’mere Daddy, c’mere Daddy”…I swear she just wanted him closer to get better aim.  Damn–wish Mommy could’ve played.  I kid, I kid—Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I need to remain KIND for a few more hours!

photo 2-8
no toddlers or daddies were harmed in the dodgeball game that day.

Daddy didn’t know what he was in for.  This was about to get crazy. Not!  I stood on the sidelines bouncing an occasional ball–but the staff kept a tight eye on me making sure I wasn’t “bouncing” on the black.  “What? It’d be kind of fun to give birth on a trampoline!”–said no one, ever. Talk about a ‘bouncing baby boy’…hahaha…I got jokes for days.

photo 4-5
all alone in a world of tramps.

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