l.o.v.e. is in the air…and in the chocolate.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all of your star-crossed lovers. Blah blah blahhhh. Listen, I’m not one for all the “ooshy gooshy” bologna–but ANY girl (or guy) I know, wouldn’t mind a free bunch of roses or chocolates on a day like today. If you don’t have a “Valentine”–buy yourself something nice–YOU DESERVE IT.

photo 2-13
You know you love us–so tell your kid to stop poking us or we will look like hell by Monday.

Love and affection is all fine and dandy but what really gets the lips smoochin’ is a fine bunch of roses in assorted colors–  more importantly, the assorted chocolates that come with the package deal.  This year, the flowers got delivered from ProFlowers.com, already in a vase, and lookin’ fine.  Such a good idea to order online.  The workin’ man must ensure that his lady friend gets the bouquet on time…I’m already sick of the word “wife”.  “Lady friend” sounds more fun–right? All you do is cut the stems down, and VOILA–a lovely bunch for your dining room table.   http://www.proflowers.com

Today– we had a special breakfast! Loveable Pancakes for two–yes two–my valentine, {Penelope} and myself (oh yeah–and Auntie Addie {my ALMOST 16 year old sis} who slept over last night). Penel screamed in her ear at 7:30 am letting her know that it was time for “CAKE!!!” and then shouted “OH BOY!” when she saw the added mini chocolate chips on top.  We cut the strawberries into heart shapes for some extra fun, and created the perfect little LOVE-ly breakfast.  I used a simple Bisquick batter for the cakes today–but added a dash of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon to the batter to amp it up a bit.  P.S. those mini chocolate chips are Ghirardelli. I wouldn’t have it any other way–also dropped a few onto the wet side of each pancake while they were on the griddle, because..why not!?  Penelope ate 1…Auntie Addie had 2 …and Mommy ate 4 (1 mommy + 1 growing baby inside the mommy = 4 pancakes…any questions?)  YOLO.

photo 2-9
i’m so darn cute i can barely stand myself.
photo 3-7
skeleton heart jammies and heart shaped carbs. Perfect!

Obviously, we used a pink plate, to continue the “festive” trend and to match the heart on her pajamas. I wonder what outfit is in store for the rest of the day…

photo 2-12
my funny valentine. i. love. you.

Once her belly was full, we decided to read her special Valentine’s book.  She has a serious obsession with Elmo lately, so it was only right that we read the book about Elmo making valentine cards.  If you look really close, you can see where she started to chew the corner of the book.  Ya just ate a pancake and strawberries, child–MUST YOU CHEW ON CARDBOARD?  It’s super cute though, and sweet little Elmo makes his mommy a valentine card. 

TJ MAXX $3.99! GUYS–Shop there for any kids books, they are always much cheaper than a book store, and a lot of times the holiday themed books go on sale before the actual holiday arrives. How convenient.

If you wear NOTHING ELSE today, you should probably rock the Mattfinity Lip Rouge in Paris, by Mirenesse.  It came in my Birchbox and it is AMAAAZZZE.  It doesn’t bleed onto your ‘stache, and it lasts all night. Believe it or not, the picture below shows MY LIPS! One pic was taken with a camera using a flash (top) and the bottom picture is with natural sunlight in a window. As most of you know, I have small lips–NOT PLUMP, and juicy (as shown).  Something about this Matte gloss really makes you want to pucker, and for some reason, jacks up your lips to a pleasant size–and shade. This magenta plum shade is totally IT for the season. Hoping for a nice bright coral in the spring Birchbox’s to come.

As for me, today I’ll be struttin’ my fierce red fleece robe in the spirit of cupid.  Also have on these sexy pink and cream silk striped pajama pants from Victoria’s Secret…irresistible–I know!! Cupid–come get me baby!

photo 1-9
kiss me–love me–just don’t mess up my gloss. http://www.birchbox.com

We bought filet mignon steaks, and HUGE scallops to sear for dinner tonight in our new cast iron pan by Lodge.  Amazon had it for $30, but hubby grabbed it at HOMEGOODS for $12.99. Love him. We seasoned that sucker last night so it’s ready for some down home cookin’ tonight.  This Valentine’s Day, we are staying IN.  By “We”, I mean myself, my child, my husband, and my sis “Auntie Addie”.  Ahhhh…the romance is simply contagious. Pffff. PLEASE–don’t feel bad for me…we can be romantic on a day that I am NOT 31 weeks pregnant. Cheers!  I’m totally content with my chocolate, flowers, and steak.  50 Shades of Grey can wait ’til next year.

heat me up and let me sizzle…i’m all yours.

5 thoughts on “l.o.v.e. is in the air…and in the chocolate.

  1. I didn’t get thst in MY Birchbox!! Your lips are bu-teFul!! But I did get a mask, lipgloss and other goodies. Happy V Day to everybody!!


  2. Just order my first Birchbox! Can’t wait to receive my goodies! Also noticed you have a cast iron pan from Lodge – the very best. I use my every day!!!


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