Toddlers Rule The WORLD

We were stuck in the house for a week straight staring at Penelope for any inkling of a bowel movement or urination brewing. She has now graduated from physically being placed on the potty, and constantly reminded “to go”—to completely putting herself on the potty alone, and hasn’t had ANY accidents since the night of the Superbowl (…so that’s 5 days in a row!).  I think everyone nearly had accidents watching that last few minutes of the game–so we won’t count that one.  In all seriousness, since Sunday, the only “accidents” she has had were running to the potty and it dripping down her leg. She. Is. My. Hero.  We are now rockin’ “big girl panties” and are working on taking them off–BEFORE we squat to pee. One step at a time, guys.  I can’t believe that this three-day method REALLY worked, and by day four, there were no more peeps or poops on the floor.  Either she is catching on INSANELY quick or…she really, really wants to be a big kid.  Either way, she must have felt she deserved a treat considering she was caught red handed with the pointer finger in the last Patriots cupcake.

photo 1-6
I totally got caught because I couldn’t contain my excitement and I yelled “CAAAKKKEEEE” as I stuck a finger and a thumb into the frosting.

HOWEVER, we are onto bigger and better things, like smacking her parents with toys when they are on their phones (shame on us), or pretending to be gentle–then clawing her way down our cheeks.  Good lord she’s cute, but brutal these days.  She’s very lovey dovey with her hugs & kisses, please & thank you’s–but gets so excited that she gets a little VIOLENT. We call her Miss Independent because every time you try and help her with something she politely says “My turn please” and wants to try it herself.  From hand-washing, to lunch time eating, to getting a cup of water (without a lid–because ADULTS don’t need lids. Duh!)–she wants to do it like a “big girl”. Can you blame her? In a world where toddlers get everything handed to them and done for them–she wants to handle her own “ish”.  Personally, I’d love to be waited on hand and foot. ANY TAKERS?  Didn’t think so.  It’s okay–I’m a big girl (literally, bigger than I was last week) and I can handle it.

photo 3-3
my mom is having me study this book so that I can learn to use my hands nicely. I think it’s a joke, honestly…because I can’t read yet. I’ll appease her though, and go through the book pointing out the different words and objects I know.

Wicked Easy Pot Roast

4-5lb Chuck Roast (we got ours at BJ’s–great meats there!) 1 Carton of Beef Broth,  6 small yellow onions, 6-8 cloves of garlic, 2 celery stalks, 1 bag of baby carrots, 2 sweet potatoes, dried parsley, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, kosher salt (we like it because its coarse), and fresh cracked black pepper…and of course, olive oil.

What you need for the dry rub:  1 heaping teaspoon (use a regular spoon!) of garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, parsley, kosher salt and cracked black pepper. Mix together in a bowl, and massage–I’d like one of those— into the meat (all four sides). Stick meat right in your Crockpot.  Fill Crockpot half way (so meat is half covered) with beef broth, quarter 3 small yellow onions, 2 celery stalks, and 6-8 cloves of garlic–smash them with the side of the knife so that garlic juicey-ness is released.  Put all of the above into the Crockpot, and close it until the end of time. Seriously, for 10 hours.  I opened ours to stir the juices around and flip the meat over at the 6 hour mark, but you really don’t need to.  The beauty of the Crockpot is that you really can’t overcook the meat, since typically with a chuckroast–the longer you cook, the more yummy and tender the meat becomes.

photo 4-3

On the side, chop the rest of your onions (into quarters) and chop your sweet potatoes (leave skins on) into pieces about the same size as the onions. No need to cut the baby carrots–they’re small enough.  Put them all in a glass baking dish or 13×9 pan and drizzle with olive oil.  I always sprinkle my repeat offenders on top. Parsley, salt & pepper is all you need. Get your hands in there to toss the spices around with the olive oil to evenly coat.  You’ll have PLENTY of flavor from that “hunka hunka meat” you have cookin’.  I baked the side dish on 375 for 40 minutes and it was perfect.  Time it so that you can pop them in the oven when your meat has about 40 minutes left to go. Again–not an urgent matter, as that meat could cook all damn night, and it’d probably still be fabulous.  I started ours up at 8:30, so we could eat at 6:30.  Since I’m a mom now, I need to plan these things out for that good old 8:00 bedtime.  We can’t be eating at 8:00 like we used to back in the pre-motherhood, let’s go out to eat ‘late night’–days.

photo 3-5
photo 2-7

Once your oven roasted potatoes/carrots/onions are done, plate them.  Go through the meat and remove all the chunks of fat you see.  DO NOT REMOVE THEM BEFORE ITS DONE. They keep that sucker tender. They are just ugly to look at when you are pregnant, and/or trying to swallow food. Take a chunk of the meat, some of the “10-hour” onion and celery and place a few on top of your meat.  Spoonful some of the broth onto your pot roast chunk and–what the heck–pour some on those roasted veggies too. The more the merrier. Last but not least drink a bottle–i mean glass–of red wine with it. (Tear, Tear–my day will come soon)….ENJOY!

photo 1-7
gorgeous plate of heavenly delight.

For dessert we had a “Special Treat” smoothie–per Penelope’s request.  Daddy made it–SO GOOD!  A handful of kale, half of a can of Pineapple Chunks–juice included. Splash of orange juice, frozen blueberries and strawberries, a strawberry greek yogurt (Fage), splash of water. Hit puree, and SLURP!  YOU CAN’T TASTE THE KALE–promise!

I saw him sneaking this green leafy stuff into the blender but all I can taste is the “booberries”. Slurp!

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  1. Great job with Penelope. It will make life very easy and smooth once the little guy comes knocking!! Dinner looked scrumptious Alex, but then again everything you make is yummy!!

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