Patriots & Potty Chairs

hangin’ out in my patriots burrito ’til kickoff.

Penelope plopped herself in Mommy’s favorite spot on the couch, and snuggled up the only way she knew how–in her “Pay-shee-its” blankey. She was impatiently waiting for her pancakes to be ready.

Finding a healthy route to a pancake is usually disappointing.  The WHOLE reason to eat a pancake is to get a good ‘carb fix’ along with some butter and maple syrup.  My cousin told me about a very simple recipe for “gluten-free” pancakes a while ago.  You take 3 ripe bananas and two eggs, mash, mix and fry like usual pancake with butter in the pan. although tasty, I couldn’t seem to perfect them–either burning them or breaking them in an attempt to flip. I decided to fiddle the recipe a little, thicken up the batter–but keep them gluten free.

Seeing as how Italians don’t measure, I “made the recipe up” and it WORKED! I took 2 ripe bananas, 3 eggs, a few drips of vanilla, a dash of baking soda, a sprinkle of cinnamon (so you can just about see it in the batter) and a half of a cup of packed almond flour.  First mash the bananas, then add eggs, then you can combine the remainder of ingredients into the bowl. The almond flour was the TRICK!  My hubby decided to buy it on a whim–and it’s much healthier than your average flour, just cooks a little funky sometimes.  In my experiments with it–yes, experiments…not experience–because I have very little with it–I’ve found it’s much easier in batters than as a breading.  Either way, the almond flour is what holds these yummy pancakes together, and allows for the perfect flip.

Use grass-fed butter to coat the griddle each time you start a new pancake. Covering the pancakes with a small sauce pan cover, allowed them to “fluff up”–and made them easier to flip!

Let your batter sit for a few minutes before plopping spoonfuls on the griddle (it let’s the baking soda “kick in”). On the side, thinly slice strawberries and get them soaking in a bowl of organic pure maple syrup! (not drowning, but enough to cover half of the berries–you want them to sort of flavor the syrup.  They will tint the syrup slightly, and then you can just spoon them right on top of your perfectly golden pancakes (with grass-fed butter on top too–of course)!  It’s funny, they almost have the texture of a corn cake or a johnny-cake because of the almond flour–but they’ll make your tummy, and your toddler smile!

yummy yummy in the ever-growing tummy.
photo 3-2
True Life: My daddy dressed me today.
photo 2-6
Uhhh… Dad? these are pajama pants…and I’m supposed to be bottomless if we want this “potty thing” to work!
photo 1-5

Truth is, Penelope’s potty training for Day 3 was pretty good considering she had plenty of distractions! Friends over the house, football on full blast, Mommy and Daddy busy cooking “party food”…she had a few pee accidents in the early afternoon, was bottomless ’til about 4:30, and managed to keep a pull-up dry for four hours! (Mommy kept checking in and she did pee every time I offered during that 4 hours–which was about 5 times)  While busy playing with her buddies, she did a poop in the pull-up which she immediately came and told me about. (It’s ok Penel, Mommy usually ‘has to go’ when she walks into TJ Maxx or Target and sees clearance signs–so I completely get it–you were excited!!)  The potty rules had to be altered a little last night, since it’s not very appropriate to have her buns out while company is over.  I think she did really well considering she had so many distractions from 5-11pm (yes–she stayed up that late because Daddy had  to ‘high-five’ her with every touchdown the Pats made.  Superstitious doesn’t even begin to cover it.

photo 2-4
Mommy, Daddy and Penelope–a.k.a “The Flash” check out the speed of that hand.

You’ll be happy to know that I am not including a picture of the “food table” from last night, as I was nervous that all of my viewers would start chewing their phones/computers.  (Truthfully, I meant to take pics of the grub–I just have severe pregnancy brain/complete brain loss–and FORGOT.)  We had an insane amount of food (WEIRD…that never happens…), so instead, I’ll list it all for you, and you can drool–or get your TUMS out–because it was that kind of night.

**hot nacho dip, buffalo chicken dip, mango-peach salsa, homemade guacamole, jalapeno popper wontons, buffalo cauliflower, 2 pizzas (pulled pork BBQ & Buffalo chicken), beef & bean chili, paleo pulled pork (from the blog recipe a few weeks ago), baked macaroni and cheese, cornbread, rolls, a ridiculously large assortment of chips,  2 boxes of cupcakes and last-but-not-least, Oreo Truffle Balls (yup–they DO exist).  There were only 9 adults here. HAH.  Actually, I kicked them all out and ate everything–alone–in the dark, with a big spoon. I kid, I kid–i let them stay…because after all, they brought most of it!  Brian (Hubby) made the Paleo pulled pork, and I made the chili, buffalo chicken dip, and guacamole… we also provided the real estate for the game.**

photo 1-4
I certainly remembered to photograph these since I stared at them for a straight ten minutes without blinking.

Did I mention that it was like high school in my house last night? There was some serious gender separation goin’ on.  Guys were downstairs in the man-cave…with the bigger TV–where they ‘were not to be bothered’ and the women and children were upstairs in the ‘playroom’.  Us gals were mostly interested in the half-time show, depressing commercials, and last 5 minutes of the game anyway, so who cares.  They probably would’ve scared the kids with their random outbursts and horrific “fear of losing” screams.  Gotta give the guys credit though, they did check in with us every twenty minutes or so…mainly for that superstitious high-five, but we’ll give it to them.

WOW. What a freakin’ game!  Butler is the MAN.  Such a cool story too!

P.S. Dear Malcolm Butler, I apologize in advance for the amount of tweets my husband sent to you with the words “Wooooooooo” and “I love youuuuuu” included in them …he over did it–I KNOW!

photo 3-1
I had to eat that cupcake so I could get my Super Bowl Ring! Boom. Crackerjack style.

Potty Talk. I AM SHOCKED AT TODAYS POTTY RESULTS.  After a somewhat shaky day yesterday with all of the distractions, Penelope was a “Potty Champion” on Day 4.  She had 16 successful Pees, along with the first official poop on the potty. NOT. ONE. ACCIDENT.  Sounds unreal, but I swear those 3 days set the tone for the rest of the week.  What’s even more crazy, is that she put herself on the potty EVERY time today.  My husband and I decided that instead of physically placing her on the potty or constantly asking her if she “has to go”, we’d just keep reminding her that it was there if she needed to “go”.  We’d say things like “If you have to go pee-pee or poopy, use your potty” or “You’re potty is right there when you have to go”.  Also, we would relocate it if we switched rooms (cooking in the kitchen or hanging out in the playroom–the potty tagged along).  Letting her know that she had the potty available and that she was the one who would “make the decision” on when to sit, really worked for her. I am going to continue to keep her bottomless for remainder of the week because it’s working well for her, and when we go out on Thursday night I am going to put her “big girl” pants on (pull-up or waterproof undies).  She definitely likes making decisions for herself and it was flawless today once we backed off a little and gave her the control.  So much so, that when bedtime rolled around tonight, she looked at the overnight diaper and said “no daddy–big girl” and pointed to the pull-ups.  We pray they hold overnight.

Our father, who art in heaven…

2 thoughts on “Patriots & Potty Chairs

  1. So enjoyed your story. Pancakes look amazing! You and Brian are doing a great job with the potty training. As many parents will attest – it’s not easy but doable when you stick to it. Kudos!! Love your blog!!


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