Let’s Have A Potty.

3 Days to a Potty trained toddler? YUP! Let’s do it.  Truth is, I’ve been reading all different “3-day methods” of potty training, and kind of mixed them together.  I found (thus far) that just asking a friend for some advice on what worked and comparing stories with others who have “been there, tried that” is super helpful.  It seemed as though most of the 3 day-fully trained toddler tutorials were a little extreme, with spending every 5 minutes on the potty for 10 minutes at a time.  I don’t know about your ‘kiddo’, but mine doesn’t sit still for 10 seconds, nevermind minutes.

photo 4
got my pee-pee pad ready–NOW WHERE DO I PUT IT?


Basically, every method says that your spouse should be present for all three days so that there is consistency and of course, extra help for the mama because… It. Is. Tiring.  Seeing as how this is Superbowl weekend, I knew I’d have my hubby for three days in a row.  We agreed to tackle the ongoing saga of “Potty”.  We started off by telling Penelope the plan, getting hyped up about the m&m’s she would be eating whenever she did ‘pee on the potty’, and gathering our supplies.  It is recommended that you start off by having your child completely bottomless–nothing on down there–buns out!  Since it is Winter, we put a sweatshirt up top, and a pair of our socks to warm her legs. (which she quickly removed, and enjoyed the bottomless freedom).  We gathered up her portable potty chair–which needs to be in the “room where you’ll be spending the day–yup the day” in, some books about the potty.  Other necessities were wipes, a toy or a game she loved, sippy cups full of water–or half water/half juice–and of course–M&M’s…for her reward!  We introduced her to the game plan by explained that going on the potty means she is a “big girl” and gets an M&M every time she goes!–heck, I’ll start using the thing for chocolate incentives.  

the goods… having her hold a toy was a helpful distraction.

We found that she would sit on the potty chair for at least 2 minutes if we gave her something to “do” or to entertain her.  The “Fishy Game” worked wonders in getting her to sit there.  We also used phrases like “Sit on the potty while you play the game” or “Mommy and Daddy will play the game with you once you are sitting on the Potty”.  Also, having “Elmo’s Song” or “The Hot Dog Song” on standby helped too!  Holding something in her hands kept her from wanting to jump right up each time.

“Here ya go Mommy!” as she handed me the fishing pole.
photo 1-2
turned the switch off and on about 35 times each sitting–hey–whatever works, kiddo.

Day 1 was pretty rough–it seemed like the second Mommy left the room to get a snack or a drink for her–I’d come back to a wet spot on the floor.  Also, It seemed that when Daddy was in charge, Penelope would give him a smirk from across the room and start to tinkle.  Accidents are to be treated lightly and you are supposed to “kindly remind” the child where they should be doing their pee/poop.  Letting them know the accident is okay, and we will remember to go on the potty next time.  It is SO HARD–because you want to scream “You spiteful little $%#@! don’t look at me with that smile and SQUAT!”  –But you quickly realize that the attention they will receive from you ‘freaking out’ is only going to backfire on your plan!

We ended day 1 with 8 successful pees on the potty (whether it was the portable potty or the adult potty) and 8 accidents all together.  For naps, we put a pull-up on her, and for bedtime we put the Huggies overnight diaper on.  The only time she wore pants was right before bed, and we attempted the potty again as the last thing before she went in her crib for the night.  She boycotted poops for the day.  We decided to keep our tally on the chalkboard because she is very much into coloring and drawing these days!

The end result was 8 & 8. The half marks were the little ‘dribbles’ here and there.


photo 2-3
I don’t need pants for this potty training–but I DO need rain boots for all the puddles I make.

Penelope seemed much more interested today, and we made up a “Tinkle Jingle” to sing and dance with every time we had a successful potty event…want to hear it? You know you do. 

“First we go pee-pee, pee-pee on the potty, then we get an M&M–it’s so great!

Next we flush our pee-pee down the toilet, now let’s wash our hands and celebrate!” 

You literally sing it in the most nauseatingly upbeat voice and add in some killer dance moves for a good time that your toddler will enjoy, and your husband will think you’re more nuts than usual.  Enthusiasm is key. She would jump up and down and get SO excited when she had a success, that it made the accidents all worth it.

photo 3
This was her reaction every time she successfully used the potty. Either that, or she was laughing at my singing.

CONSTANT reminders are clutch in this process because in between playing, and watching Sesame Street, it’s easy to forget that they need to go.  We learned from Day 1 mistakes and kind of let Penelope make her own decision on when she needed to go.  We didn’t stick her on the potty every 5 or 10 minutes, but more when we got the signs.  If we sat her on the potty and she immediately popped up or said “no, all done” we took her right off and just said “okay–we will try again soon”.

When she had a success on the portable potty we had set up in the play room, we’d clap and get SUPER excited and sing our new tune on the way to the bathroom.  She wanted to help us carry the little basin to “flush” the pee-pee down the toilet and couldn’t wait to wash her hands each time.

I CANNOT BELIEVE that she went from 8 wins and 8 losses in Day 1 to 14 successful pees on the potty and only 3 accidents in Day 2.  She did wake up in the am with a poop and also woke up from her nap with a poop.  She tends to poop just as she’s waking up–or the poop wakes her up–not sure.  We shall see what Day 3 brings!  Hoping for a potty POOP.

photo 1-3
crazy improvements! 5 fewer accidents on DAY 2!!

Oh lord, we need a “TMI toddler” category for this blog.

**Special thanks to my friend Danielle for giving me courage to kickstart it!  She completed Day 3 today and her daughter (Penelope’s buddy) is doing fabulously!… It really helps to have someone either doing it with you or having gone through it already to compare the good/bad/and ugly with!  WE GOT THIS GIRL!***


Here are some of the 3-day links that I gathered ideas from:




Also, Pinterest had great ideas! I pinned them! check it out.

Again–we took different tips from different methods, but have found so far that keeping the toddler naked from the waist down, having a potty in the main play area, and constant reminders and positive reinforcements are working for us!

…CHECK OUT PREGNANCY TMI’S for my daily malfunctions…

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