No Vacancy At The Inn.

Hearing about this historical blizzard made me think of two things–1. I didn’t want to be stuck home without power… and 2. I knew that on a typical day, I eat 10 meals, so being unable to cook on the electric stove would be torture.  Figuring there would be endless meals, good company, and candles (if need be), we packed for three days and jumped in the car. Seeing as how my parents were nervous about us getting stuck in the dark, they invited us to get snowed in with them.  I took all of my prized perishable possessions like the Eggo’s, Bagel Bites, veggie burgers, greek yogurts, cheese, milk, Annie’s Mac and Cheese, and bacon.  Penelope came along too. By the time we got there, my sister, her ‘BF’, and my aunt arrived shortly after.  It was a full house, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  My parents must have figured that, if nothing else, we’d have each other’s body heat to survive. Of course, each vehicle that arrived brought a ridiculous amount of groceries and booze. They must have known that I am a “mean eater” these days, so they were prepared. Good ole’ Susan (my mama) already had the shepherd’s pie on standby for a night like this.  After we all demolished the casserole dish of mashed potatoes and meat, she started up her BBQ pulled pork in the crock pot for the next day, and made the brownies and cornbread–JUST IN CASE–we lost power overnight.

…she made a rum cake for dessert too that night…because that’s necessary.

Monday night around 7 pm at the Inn.
Tuesday morning around 7 am. No Vacancy and No Visibility.

The next morning we ate sweet potato/portobella hash with baked eggs on top. SO GOOD–so easy.  We took leftover hash and filled cupcake pans half way with it, baked for 15 minutes on 350 degrees, cracked an egg over each cup, and stuck them back in the oven for another 15-20.  Delicious, and gluten-free dairy-free (who knew!).  On the flip side, filled with gluten-ey and dairy goodness were the homemade Belgian waffles my dad made to tag along side the hash cups.  I had two waffles, one cup, an iced coffee (that I bought at sip n’ dip the afternoon before–made without ice so I could have it the next day) AND a banana muffin–which I had to test taste …because she made those too.  She’s good…Mama Bear.

photo 1
photo 2
AFTER. They popped right out of the cups, because she sprayed the pan first. #yum

Next up, Auntie Andi (my sister) was giving haircuts in the dining room for anyone who needed a trim.  Auntie Andi owns Willow Salon in Bristol, RI–call her up for a new ‘do’!  She’s legit!  Penelope was very excited about getting herself a “haircup” that she raced into the dining room and sat in the rocking chair facing the window.  Poor thing hasn’t been able to see for weeks–god forbid she leaves a bow in her hair.

they’re definitely more evenly trimmed than they look.

I whipped up a quick creamy tomato pasta fagioli for everyone’s lunch and then bundled up the babe. (Totally easy recipe using Annie’s Mac & Cheese–made like the box says to– and Hunt’s diced tomatoes/fresh garlic/olive oil/cannelini beans simmering in a seperate pan–just combine two sauces and add shell macaroni).

Penel had been begging Auntie Addie to go “outtide play no” meaning outside to play in the snow–so we layered her up and shipped her into the white stuff.  This was Mrs. Pickles first time playing in the snow–let alone in her new snowsuit (thanks Target–floral jacket $32.99 and Snow pants $17.99)

Don’t tell Auntie Addie, but I’m about to throw a snowball her way.

She had a ball.  All they really need is about ten minutes in the snow and they get their fix–not to mention start to freeze over.  She came in with the rosiest cheeks and was quickly warmed up by her Papa squeezing them.  That night we decided to celebrate–appropriately, as it was my parents 31st wedding anniversary (god bless ’em).   We ate the BBQ pulled pork, (with homemade cornbread–duhhh), and homemade beef and bean chili.  In our family, it’s only right that you start with spaghetti, top it with chili, and finish it off with a “dollop” of sour cream, and shredded cheddar. Ghirardelli brownies were for dessert, and I ate 3–why are you surprised?  Those who could ‘toast to the good life’ did so, and the rest of us (myself, my almost 2-year-old, and my 16-year-old sister) drank juice and ate ice cream.  Congrats, Mom and Dad–you get to be snowed in/bombarded with all of your daughters for your ‘special day’.  We had some good laughs though, played “Head’s Up” and “Apples to Apples” with the crew, and just hung out in sweatpants (I’m all about the elastic waist).  It was nice.

God, they were cute. They still are–for the record!

Penelope’s favorite of all the “Nonnie’s House” family members might just be the kitty.  “Diddy”, according to Penel is who she calls for when we walk in their door, and who she asks for every time we call or face-time them. In addition, she spends plenty of time trying to find the cat when we are at my parents–as she hides immediately when she hears Penel’s footsteps.

“Hi Diddy. Meowww. Diddy. I wuv you Diddy. Diddy? Where ahhh you? Bye Diddy”

Leisurely packing up our bags to head home, we ate more waffles, some fruit salad, and possibly more pulled pork–heaven forbid we leave hungry.  We got back home around 7:30 pm Wednesday, looking as if we had just taken a two-week trip to Maine.  Somehow, it seemed as though we returned home with more luggage than we went there with.  We certainly came home with extra pounds.  My life revolves around the next meal. Can you tell?  I swear–I have other passions/hobbies.

3 days at the Inn is enough.

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