nice buns

The scene of the crime. Stop & Shop.  I was desperately trying to ignore the “Pillsbury Cinnamon Bun” section.  ONLY looking for eggs–with blinders on like Sea Biscuit (always referencing food) I tried with all my might to be a bigger person.  I kept saying, “you don’t neeeeeed those cinnamon buns of fluffy heaven that just happened to have partnered up with Cinnabon to create their icing and flavor.  You don’t need to buy those, because you know that eating at least three in one sitting will make you feel like a lethargic beluga, along with the happiest pregnant person–ever.”

the downfall of my existence.

MY WILL POWER LEVELS WERE ABOUT 0% THAT DAY AND IN THE CART THEY WENT! Penelope was completely giddy, telling everyone about her “special treat” we were buying.  I’m sorry–did I miss something? YOU, Miss Penelope–aren’t having any of those. Those are Mommy’s. Eat your animal crackers.  We can learn the sharing skill at another time–possibly in May–when the hormones wear off and Mommy eats kale again.

The oven preheated, made the classic ‘beep beep beep’ sound, and Penel yelled “SPECIAL TREAT!” God–she is JUST like her mother.  How does a 21 month old even know that those ‘beeps’ meant we were ready to pop the bad boys in the oven?  It may have to do with the fact that the very second I turned the oven to 400 degrees, I stood there staring at the picture of the ‘ooey gooey-ness’ on the can without blinking. Just a thought–it made have cued her in.

After a fully tortured 12 minutes, they were ready.  I put the icing on top and smiled–I love “Special Treats”.

…3 beautifully plump buns later—yup! That’s right! 3–one for me, one for my ever-growing son, and one for Daddy who is on the Paleo diet and asleep–that made 3…DO THE MATH PEOPLE–NOT HARD.  Don’t try to make me feel guilty either because today marks 8 years of “bliss” that my hubby and I have been together. We dated for 6 years (i know, i know–but we let him save as long as possible for the rock.) To boot, our 2 year wedding anniversary is Sunday. I deserved this. It was a special occasion ‘grub-fest’ that my toddler and I enjoyed.  I don’t want anyone raining on my parade of carbs.

oink. oink. nom. nom. 

After ‘wolfing’ down our nice warm buns, (For those of you cringing in horror at my parenting choices–I shared them with her–after she ate her whole lunch–I’m not that cruel.)   we both looked at each other with tired eyes and yawned.  The epitome of health. Neither of us could breathe normally considering this was the “dessert” to our fully ‘carbed up’ macaroni lunch. I think tonight will have to be veggie-packed and ‘good for us’.  As for me, I’ll be eating another bun in about an hour or so. Shortly after I finish crying inside for what I’ve accomplished before 2pm.

awww…you look so lonely. Is it because I ate your only two friends?


…why is my keyboard so sticky? 

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