Now Presenting Mrs. Pickles…


All aboard the FRESH EXPRESS!  Couldn’t resist this photo-op of Penelope sitting in a box that perfectly describes her!

photo 2    photo 3    photo 4

Ta-Dahhhhh! Here I am for all to see–fresh juice stain down my ‘jammies’ and everything!

Name: Penelope Violet

Nicknames:  P, Penel, Miss P, Mrs. Pickles, Penellie Bellie, P-Nugget, Nellie McChunk, Peabody, Fresh P, Pickle Buns, Penelope Von Sweets

Favorite Foods: “Gogurk” (Stonyfield YoTot Yogurt pouches), “Roni’s” (macaroni–of any color/style/fashion)  Eggs (hard-boiled or scrambled) Crayola Crayons (purple ones seem to be the tastiest and they make your teeth look pretty too!) “Appoosawsss” (Materne-GoGo Squeeze Applesauce pouches) “onchezz” (Cuties or Halos clementines!)  “Poo-pombers” (cucumbers) 

Hobbies:   1. Coloring  2. Dumping blocks  3. Stealing snacks from the cabinet and running “FASH! FASH!” if my parents catch me in the act.  4. Putting shoes and boots on, but only for a minute–because it’s more fun to take them off.  5. Riding my Radio Flyer Tricycle or Little Mermaid Ride-On Mobile 85 miles an hour down the hallway while my dad tries sleeping.  6. Throwing bananas across the table.  7. Saying “no” in the sweetest voice I can possibly squeeze out, while giving my mom the ‘side-eyed smirk’.  8. I DO ACTUALLY HAVE MANNERS!  I say “Peeeesh” and “Shanshoo” whenever I want dessert after my meal.

 Favorite Words:  I repeat “Mommy” and “Hold me” like a parrot from morning ’til my head hits the pillow around 8:30 pm.  Even then, I like saying her name in a singing voice.  

“Ewww” and “Didgutten” (disgusting) are also new favorites, usually repeated when I find some crud on the floor that my mom hasn’t swept yet.  I also like saying “seesoon” (see you soon) when people say “bye” to me.  Greeting everyone in Stop & Shop with an extremely loud “HI–HOW YOU? DOOD!” (no translation needed) is just another way that I showcase my friendliness.

They knew–when I came out of that belly that I would be special–just didn’t know HOW special.  Folks, stick around for the adventures of Mrs. Pickles (myself) and I promise you will not be disappointed.  I am a fun kid. TRUST ME.  BE a fan!

That’s all for now..I have a play date with a buddy in CRAAANNNNSTON. Stay tuned– and keep checking my “Corner of Mischief” because each day, I do something photo-worthy–according to my Mom.

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