Almost had it…

The day started with me thinking I had to get all the house cleaning done by 3PM…because that’s when his alarm goes off.  My hubby works overnights which means he sleeps 7AM – 3PM. I knew the 3 o’clock bell was my chance to run errands…QUICKLY!

I needed more yellow and pink tulle for the Disney Princess centerpieces I’m working on.  A friend commissioned me to make 12 princess tutu centerpieces for her daughter’s first birthday party. My pregnant back will need a brace once I’m through with ‘tutu-ing’.

It was 3:15 and the baby was up from her nap, back to being my shadow.  What happened to leaving at 3 o’clock??

After finally picking out the perfect color fabric and learning that it was $19.95 a yard, I was back to the clearance section. Did I mention that’s where I live? LITERALLY everything I buy is on some sort of clearance sale.

After a half hour of looking for fabric that’s not ridiculously overpriced, I make a decision, and get in the ‘fabric cutting’ line.  At a snails pace, the sweet woman working the counter asks to help me and does just that. A little slower than I’d imagine fabric cutting could take–but I’ve been helped–so I’m grateful. Little does the poor thing know, I needed that tulle in four more colors, had a coupon, and needed help finding Disney Princess ribbon I saw on the website–she was in for it.  Of course, my chipper self, starts a conversation with the woman, who ends up telling me which nearby restaurants are the tastiest, that she and her husband are local farmers, live pretty close to my family, and she enjoys knitting and sewing.  Too cute. Hadn’t checked my phone in a while (weird), decided to do so, and had a text from the hubby asking if I could be back in 20 minutes because he had gym plans.  So much for running the rest of my errands to Dollar Tree and TJ Maxx–motherhood is calling–or husbandhood.  Off I go, happy that I got one thing done out of three.  “A” for effort.

The title of this post should really be called.. That moment when you can actually escape to run errands without your kid and the lady at Joann Fabrics takes 39 minutes to cut your fabric for you. Once you are about to hit Dollar Tree and TJ Maxx, you get a text from hubby saying “can  you be home in twenty because crossfit starts at 5:30?” …And I think, damn…almost had freedom.  Long story short, freedom comes in spurts–mostly when asleep, or when there’s no line at Pinkberry.

In all honesty (as if the above statements were jokes) I love the whole “creativity” thing.  These tutus got my wheels turning for Penelope’s 2nd birthday party theme. Stay tuned for the introduction of Penelope–coming soon!


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